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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pagan Blog Project- "C" is for Curses

Curses are a serious "hot-button" topic within the Pagan/Witchy community. It's really not surprising, but people get more defensive about curses/hexes/whatever you want to call them, than physical violence sometimes.

(This post is so late because last week we had a couple of days of unseasonably warm weather (right after a huge  snow), followed by a flash flood and a near blizzard. It was friggin' weird, let me tell you. So, in the midst of trying to check for damage from the flood, etc., I didn't get around to posting Friday, but here it is now.)

This is just how I feel about using curses, and I know many, may people disagree. That's fine, I get it. Here we go...

I don't have a problem with curses being used. But, in my opinion, a curse is similar to abortion. It is an option, but it should not be done "just because" or without careful consideration. Furthermore, you have to be willing to own your actions and any consequences that may come.

You don't begin a curse without really thinking it over. A curse is a final straw, out of options move that needs to be carefully considered, planned and executed. In my opinion, a curse isn't something you throw out there just  because you can, and you should have a really damn good reason for using one. Translation: Being dumped isn't a good enough reason for a curse (again, in my opinion). What is curse worthy? Well, that's up to you to decide. I have a rough idea of situations that  may push me to curse. I've been in situations that led to me considering them, but I always found alternatives that worked out nicely.

Basically, I think it boils down to how hard you've worked to find alternatives, how bad the situation is, and if you're truly willing to face the potential repercussions of sending out a curse.

On that note, let me reiterate that I am not Wiccan (as I've said before), and I do not believe in "white magick," "black magick," etc. I don't really believe in "good vs evil" either. Magick is magick is magick. I may go over my beliefs about magick, energy, etc. further in a separate post, but for now let me just say this: I don't believe in the rule of three so much. I do believe in karma, and I believe that (to a point) you get what you give. I think that there are situations where a curse may be a good option, just like physical violence may be an option in some situations. If someone were to attack me, I would either pummel them, shoot them (if I had a gun and a chance to use it), etc., or I would go down fighting and take a nice chunk of them with me if at all possible. I don't think of curses any differently, really, it's just a different method of defending/protecting myself.

I hope all of that made sense, but if it didn't I apologize. Again, I know people will disagree and I expect it. That's fine, great even, because that's part of the beauty of Paganism. We're allowed to have our own opinions and beliefs, build our own path/tradition if we choose.

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