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Monday, January 21, 2013

Witching Pen books by Dianna Hardy

I'm not going to do a big, long and detailed review of each of the books, but I had to blog about them! (Click the titles to go to the Amazon page for each if you're interested.) I don't really do book reviews because, well, I really suck at them lol. But I wanted to talk about these some because I'm totally in love with Dianna Hardy's writing. No books have captivated me as much as these since the Harry Potter books. No, I'm not comparing the two in content, just in the way they held my attention and made me fall in love with the characters, etc.

I started with the short story Wilted, which is a prequel to the rest of the series and after reading it, I had to read the rest of the books. Basically, this short story gives us a glimpse of Elena & Karl (the main characters for the first novella), who are best friends,  when they were teenagers, and it gives some background about why certain things happen the way they do later on. Because it's a short story, I won't say more lest I give something away.

The first book is The Witching Pen which is a novella (it's about 170 pages). This story kept me turning pages (well, pushing the buttons on my Kindle to turn the pages) til the very end and then it left me craving me. The story was captivating, exciting, and kind of sexy. Ok, it was a lot sexy, without crossing into erotica territory. Elena and Karl, still best friends as adults, are in for a crazy ride in this novella.

Elena can't have sex or she'll lose her witchy powers. That sucks on so many levels, not the least of which being that she and her buddy Karl have the hots for each other (and have since they were teens) and they're room mates. Things are further complicated when Elena starts having super seductive dreams about a demon and a magical pen comes into her possession-- a pen that makes reality anything that's written with it. Before long, Elena has to face some serious revelations about her entire life when she discovers that she's been lied to about some pretty important things.

Next up is The Sands of Time which isn't so much about Elena and Karl, though they're still major players, as it is about their friend Amy. Amy went missing at the end of The Witching Pen and the rest of the group is working on a way to find her. Meanwhile, we meet Paul and Elizabeth May, a married couple. Elizabeth May tried to kill herself and was found by her husband, Paul. Now, Elizabeth has no memory and she's been dreaming about a mysterious panther and a leopard.

The most recent edition to the series is The Demon Bride. This story centers around an apocalyptic prophecy, Mary, and Gwain. Gwain is an angel that we met in the first book and he seems to feel a connection to Mary. Mary has been whisked away to hell and Gwain is out for blood to find her. While Mary is in hell, she begins to learn about who she really is and she and Gwain discover how their lives and destinies are intertwined.

This series made me like angels lol. I've read paranormal books that featured angels before, and I really didn't like them. This series changed my mind about them. Anyway, that point aside, I highly, highly recommend these books! Dianna has a few others out or in the works that are worth checking out as well (I just finished Releasing the Wolf, the first in a werewolf series, also very good).

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