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Monday, January 28, 2013

Update about my V2 experience

I just wanted to post a brief update about what's been going on with my e-cig experience (click the linky to read my review of the Standard Plus Kit). I know I still need to review the pieces from the kit my husband got that differed from my kit, but more on that in a minute.

My husband's kit came with a PowerCig. Basically, it's like a USB powered battery that you plug into your computer or other USB port, attach your cartridge, and vape. No worries about dying batteries, etc. It was awesome! But, about two weeks ago it started acting funny, but at first I brushed it off as nothing. Then it stopped working unless my laptop was upside down...Yeah, that was fun, and no I'm not going to explain how I discovered that it worked when my laptop was upside down lol.

So, I contacted V2's customer service via the chat on their site and I was advised to try cleaning the threads. Tried that and using several other USB ports, no luck. A few days ago I contacted them again and explained what was going on and what I had tried, and now I'm waiting on a replacement. Just like that. Gotta love warranties :) All I have to do is send them the defective one in the envelope they're sending me (within 30 days of receiving it, I think) and it's replaced, no charge.

Really, the only things I'm not loving are these three:

  1. The Classic Menthol is a limited edition flavor and it isn't available in e-liquid.
  2. The vanilla isn't available in e-liquid, either.
  3. The free shipping is torture! It's not really V2's fault, I don't think. It's just the longest ship time of any shipping options, and I'm very impatient lol.
Tomorrow will be 42 days since I smoked my last cigarette. Yay! Absolutely in love with my V2 and, again, I highly recommend it for anyone interested in switching to an e-cig.

If you know someone who wants to try V2, you can still use the coupon code 1081278 for 15% off a starter kit.

And just in case anyone is wondering, no I'm not being paid or compensated in any way to say nice things about V2. They do have an affiliate program, but I'm not signed up for it. However, if anyone ever does use my code I supposedly get a $15 credit, so that's pretty cool. When you place your first order (this might only be for starter kits), you get some business type cards and a code to write on them, and then you can distribute them if you want to, or post your code online (like I have). So it's pretty cool, in my opinion. The person with a code gets store credit and the person using the code gets a 15% discount on a starter kit (then they get a code, and the cycle continues).

While I'd really love that $15 credit, I would post my code regardless because A) Who doesn't love discounts? and B) I really like my V2 and if someone happens upon my blog and wants to try an e-cig, if I can help them get one a little cheaper, I think that's fantastic.


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