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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Over 24 Hours!

I'm officially past the 24 hour mark since my  last regular cigarette. It's been about 29 hours or so. I've only had a few minor cravings, but when they strike I just start puffing on a full strength cartridge and it passes within a minute.

So far I'm loving the classic menthol flavor. At first  I thought I preferred the regular menthol, but now I think they both have their perks. The newer menthol is sweeter, but the classic is closer to the menthol you get from regular cigarettes.

I also got some coffee cartridges and they're fantastic! If any ladies out there ever had Bonne Bell lipgloss in cappuccino, the coffee cartridges smell and taste a lot like that. It's not really what I would call a true coffee flavor, even coffee with sugar and cream, but it is very similar to a really good cappuccino.

I'm not sure if V2 gives out freebies all the time, but in my package there was a bonus pack of flavor cartridges in what I think was a limited edition flavor over the summer. It's passion fruit and it's like inhaling candy.

Overall, I'm totally in love with my V2 and couldn't be happier. I just wish I'd made the switch to vaping sooner.

Review: V2 Standard Plus Starter Kit

This is the kit that I ordered, the Standard Plus Kit. It came with two batteries, a wall charger, the USB cord, 10 flavor cartridges (two flavor packs of 5 each), and a charging case for charging while on the go.

The batteries come in a metallic blue, silver, white, or black. You can choose the standard length (what I got), or a shorty or long battery. The length of the battery determines how long it stays charged. A long will stay charged the longest, a shorty will stay charged the shortest amount of time. Pretty straight forward. I'm happy with the standard length. You can also choose manual or automatic for the batteries, or one of each. I preferred the automatic (just take draws from it) over the manual (press a button while inhaling) at first, but now that I've used both, I think I prefer the manual battery slightly more.

It came with two boxes of flavor cartridges, with five cartridges per box. These cartridges are supposed to be equal to about one pack of cigarettes each, but there's debate about that amongst ecig smokers. I think it's roughly 3/4 of a pack to one pack, because I go through one cartridge a day and that's how many regular cigarttes I smoked before. You can choose  the flavor and strength, from no nicotine to full strength (which is, supposedly, the equivalent of smoking an unfiltered cigarette).  I chose the medium strength in peppermint and menthol.

The charging case is really cool. All you do is plug it in to charge it up, then you can use it to carry up to three cartridges and one battery at a time, or two batteries. When you're out of the house, or otherwise unable to plug up your ecig, you just screw the battery into the case, turn it on, and wait  for the indicator lights to show that the ecig battery is charged.

These are by far the best ecigs I've ever tried. There's a lot of vapor, a good throat hit, and the flavor is great. The menthol, to me, is very similar to Camel menthol, after you pop the extra menthol bead in the filter. It's comparable to another menthol cigarette I've tried, but I'm not sure which. Probably either Kools or Salem, though. The peppermint is great. It's similar to Marlboro Smooth when they were new, and very peppermint-y. The last ones I tried were nasty, though, so I'm not sure how they taste now. Imagine being able to smoke the best peppermint tea, and that's sort of what it's like.

The battery life for V2 is pretty good, too. I alternate between my manual and automatic batteries, so I recharge every other day, unless my husband has been smoking one of them.

When the cartridge is empty, the taste changes. It starts to taste kind of burned. All you do to change a cartridge is pop a new one out of the blister pack (another great thing about these, because they stay fresh longer than carts in a box), unscrew and dispose of the old one, and screw the new one on the battery. It's recommended that when you begin a new cartridge, after around 12-15 puffs (about one regular cigarette), you give the cartridge at least a 30 minute break. I *think* this helps it last longer, but I'm not sure since I rarely smoke every 30 minutes.

With V2 you can also purchase blank cartridges and bottles of e-liquid and fill them yourself to save money. This is what I'm planning to do after I make sure of which flavors and  strengths I prefer. I believe that doing this averages out to be about $1 per pack, but it may be less with their new cartridges that last longer, and larger bottles of e-liquid now available.

I just got more cartridges in, so I'll do another review of those when I've used enough to do a review. I ordered two new flavors and different strengths.

If you're interested, get 15% off a starter kit from V2 Cigs with coupon code 1081278.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Last Cigarette

I decided to blog about this, partially to keep myself in line, and also so I have a record showing how things are going.  When I finish taking pictures of my V2 kit, I'll post my review. It's finished, I just have to add the pictures. Also, my husband bought a V2 kit a few days ago and it should be here by Friday. I'm so excited for both of us! I'll do a post about his kit, as well, because we're sort of sharing it (he got the Ultimate Kit, which had everything he wanted, as well as a few extras that I wanted).

So, I've had my V2 started kit since Friday, December 7th, 2012. I've continued to smoke a few regular cigarettes since then, because I didn't know how long it would take to get more cartridges in the mail. To give you an idea of how things have already changed, I was smoking between half a pack and just over a pack a day. Usually I smoked around 3/4 of a pack a day. Since the 7th, I've smoked approximately 2.5 packs of regular cigarettes, so that's about 4-5 regular cigarettes a day, roughly half a pack less than I was smoking before.

Today, I was down to my last V2 cartridge, which was almost empty, and I had two regular cigarettes left in a pack. Then I got  the e-mail alert  that my V2 package had arrived at the post office. So, I smoked my last cigarette around 6:45PM this evening. Since I got my V2, I didn't even really enjoy smoking regular cigarettes anymore. I found myself disliking the taste, the feel, etc. and reaching for my V2 more often. It's been about 5 hours since my last cigarette, and I'm glad.

I've told myself that I'll quit someday for  so long. I've been a smoker for almost seven years, so not a terribly long time, but I never should have started smoking in the first place. I've "tried" to quit a few times before, but never made it very far before I broke down and bought more. This time, I meant it. I knew that I was going to quit and I was determined to do it. I think I'll post maybe once a week from here on out to keep track of how long it's been and the like, as well as reviewing V2 products I try.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

(More Than) A Few Words on Fertility Charting and Other Things

I'm learning about FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) and reading the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. That link will take you to the Amazon page for the book, if you're interested in learning more about it. I won't go into the details of FAM, but I did want to mention something because I just noticed it while going over my records from the past 6-7 months of recording my cycles. I've only recently began to formally chart, but while reviewing my cycles from the past few months, I began to notice a pattern.
At first, I thought my cycles were close to the lunar cycle, because I was starting around the same moon phase. Then I noticed that starting with my second post-BC pills period, I began to start my period during the same sign each month. While on the pill, they were all over the place because they were being regulated by synthetic hormones and the like.

I believe I posted a while back about following various aspects of life and the phases of the Moon,weather, Moon signs, etc. and how they're related. I haven't kept up with this as much as I intended to, but I'm getting better. Anyway, looking back of the records I have kept, I can predict how I'll probably be feeling at certain times throughout the month. It isn't foolproof, but if I'm feeling a certain way, I can glance back over my records and see if I felt the same way in previous months and, if so, prepare for future mood swings and other issues that may arise.

I know, this post is all over the place, but please ask questions if you have any! I'm a bit distracted today, so this may not be making sense to anyone but me.

Back to fertility charting for moment. If you've ever looked at a chart (but have not practiced charting), it looks overwhelming. I promise, it isn't! I literally spend about two minutes  a day on mine, if that. Plus, it's kind of fun! Maybe I'm a freak for feeling that way, but it is for me. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is really informative, easy to understand and covers more than just how to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. I really recommend this book for any woman, even if you have no desire to use the FAM method, because of what you can still learn about your body. If you can find a copy at a library or borrow a copy, I suggest doing so. I bought my copy, and less than 100 pages in, it's already more than worth what I paid for it.

Another thing about this book, if you've ever looked at it before. It looks huge and intimidating, especially if you flip through and see the sample charts and the like. But, the last third or so of the book is basically just a bunch of resources for various issues, Q&A, sample charts, etc. The bottom line is that all this looks so intimidating and like it will take up a lot of your time to learn, but that's not true. I think any woman could easily begin to use the information from this book and it can be helpful for much more than just knowing when you ovulate or when to expect your period.

So, now that I've noticed my lunar pattern, I intend to add that to my chart. I wanted to talk about this in case anyone else is charting and might not have thought of the lunar cycle in relation to their menstrual cycle. So there's my mind numbing post of the weekend lol. Basically pointless, but at least I'm blogging some, again.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and have a blessed Yule!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Here's The Latest

Since Samhain, I've been changing a LOT and very quickly. I've seen goals begin to manifest themselves, my outlook on life is changing... a lot of things are changing in my life, including my spiritual path. Here's a brief overview of what's been going on, followed by what to expect from this blog in the future.

So I overwhelmed myself again with responsibilities and ended up basically taking a break from the internet altogether, besides my e-mail and Amazon (I'm a total Amazon addict). The night I did my Samhain ritual, I felt a power within myself. No, it wasn't a "supernatural" power, it was my power. My personal power that I've allowed others to slowly strip me of throughout my life. I started seriously re-claiming it after that night, without even realizing what I was doing until a few weeks later.

Throughout my life, I've allowed other people to walk all over me, put me down, and make me feel like a worthless waste of space and air. No more. This has been coming on for a long time, and the big picture is becoming clearer and clearer to me all the time, and I have my spiritual path to thank for that. Paganism has helped me know myself, face my demons, and find my inner strength and I'm so thankful for that. But, I digress...

One of the things I incorporated into my ritual was a short list of goals, or resolutions for the future. I've always sucked at keeping things like New Year's resolutions, but I really think things are different this time around. I have determination like never before. No more thinking I can't do something, or something is too hard. Instead, I'm thinking things like, "I'm totally doing this, no matter what!"

If you've noticed up at the top of the page, I have a thing about V2  Electronic Cigarettes. That was part of my resolution for the upcoming year. I've been researching e-cigs for a couple of years, and finally committed after several crappy e-cigs in the past. The V2 has been great. It's only been a week and already regular cigarettes are beginning to taste bad for me and be less enjoyable. I've smoked for almost seven years, so this is a great  change for me. The only reason I'm still smoking regular cigarettes at all is because I'm waiting for more cartridges to come in the mail, so I'm stretching out the few I have left by smoking regulars now and then. It's not good, but I know now that I can and will quit smoking them completely in about...3 days, once my cartridges come in the mail. After that, bye bye nasty regular ones.

So, to make the rest of this long, long story as short as possible, a lot has been changing for me and this blog is about to change as well. I'm not limiting my posting to almost exclusively Pagan/Witchy themed posts anymore, because there's so many other things I want to talk about. So you can probably expect reviews of products (such as my e-cig and new menstrual cup, books, etc.), random posts (like how practicing the FAM method for birth control is working out, my coffee obsession, and life in general), and who knows what else. There will most definitely still be spiritually themed posts, though, I just don't have a clue exactly what will be coming in that department.