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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Over 24 Hours!

I'm officially past the 24 hour mark since my  last regular cigarette. It's been about 29 hours or so. I've only had a few minor cravings, but when they strike I just start puffing on a full strength cartridge and it passes within a minute.

So far I'm loving the classic menthol flavor. At first  I thought I preferred the regular menthol, but now I think they both have their perks. The newer menthol is sweeter, but the classic is closer to the menthol you get from regular cigarettes.

I also got some coffee cartridges and they're fantastic! If any ladies out there ever had Bonne Bell lipgloss in cappuccino, the coffee cartridges smell and taste a lot like that. It's not really what I would call a true coffee flavor, even coffee with sugar and cream, but it is very similar to a really good cappuccino.

I'm not sure if V2 gives out freebies all the time, but in my package there was a bonus pack of flavor cartridges in what I think was a limited edition flavor over the summer. It's passion fruit and it's like inhaling candy.

Overall, I'm totally in love with my V2 and couldn't be happier. I just wish I'd made the switch to vaping sooner.

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