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Thursday, August 9, 2012


This is something I'm going to be doing in the near future, probably beginning with either the New Moon or the next Full Moon. I've done it half-heartedly in the past, but never for very long.

For one full lunar cycle, keep a journal of all the cycles you go through. Keep track of:
  •  your overall feeling of the day (happiness, sadness, depression, excitement, etc.) 
  • your physical state (lethargic, energetic, aching, normal, etc.) 
  • and if you're menstruating, keep track of your cycle as best as you can (when you ovulate, if possible, when cramps or other symptoms begin, when you start bleeding, when it ends, etc.)
Basically, keep track of anything you can think of and note the phase of the moon, moon sign, weather, etc.

For example, one entry may look like this:

Tuesday February 21
Moon: New, Pisces
Felt lazy, but content.
Ovulating; minor cramps.

At the end of the month, look over your "journal" and try to pick out patterns.  If none emerge, try keeping a log for a few more cycles.

You can also keep a log of the moon phases and signs along with your dream journal to see how your dreams change throughout the month. Also, some women have more vivid dreams during certain times in their monthly cycles, as well as during pregnancy.

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  1. hi, this post is synchronous to me, i've been keeping a journal on my phone for almost a year and this morning i was looking for a new journal app, i found this one it is called memoires, it is wonderful, when you make an entry it shows the date time moon phase temperature/weather your location and you can link photos, video, and audio to each entry. i love it and wish i had found it sooner.... it's so easy to note things during the day or on the fly in my journal because i always have my phone on me. maybe it's something you can try also? also i use an app to track my menstruation cycle.