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Friday, February 10, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Gods, Oh My!

This is another blog from while I was MIA.

Lions and Tigers and Gods, Oh My!

I have no idea why this particular...quirk... I observed in a “Wiccan” I met about two years ago has been bothering me so much lately, but I can't get it out of my head once again. First of all, let me state that I live in the middle of nowhere. Actually, if you get to The Middle of Nowhere and take a left towards Hell, you'll find me somewhere in that barren wasteland. Ok, ok, maybe it isn't THAT bad, but if you've seen Wrong Turn, Deliverance, etc., you have a great idea of the area I'm imprisoned in (just add a Walmart in a nearby town). So anyway, being a Pagan and pracitcing Witch in a Bible thumping area in the backwoods isn't exactly easy. You have to keep it to yourself because there ARE still people here who would LOVE a good Witch BBQ with the family to make sure that their children aren't contaminated by Satan's mistresses or something. I am not joking about that, it really isn't safe to declare a religion besides Christianity around here. Atheists don't take as much grief as they used to, but it's still no walk in the park. So imagine my joy when I discovered someone I worked with was a Wiccan!

Now I'm the first to correct someone when they lump me amongst the Wiccans, because I am NOT a Wiccan nor have I claimed to be for quite some time now (yes, for a while I did for lack of a more fitting description of my beliefs, but I've changed a LOT since then). Still, meeting another Pagan was the highlight of my week at the time. She informed me that she was studying with an older man who had been raised Wiccan by his mother or grandmother. After talking to him about me, then talking to me some about him, she had him call me while she was visiting him one evening and apparently I just blew his mind by how well I read him over the phone (just general stuff about his personality and life, it was only a 5 minute conversation after all), so he wanted to meet me. Yay! Right?

I drove to his house later that evening, by which point my friend had left. But, several people knew where I was going and how long I should be gone, etc., so I wasn't concerned about being alone with this guy. I get there and he starts blabbing and trying to make me feel more comfortable (apparently I was nervous and didn't realize I was giving off tense vibes). I listened to him go on and on about energy and all kinds of other things and it wasn't a complete waste of time. I shocked him some more with the way I handled energy in my “untrained state,” etc. Whatever. But then he went a little too far. Apparently he ended up mistaking my disbelief for ignorance or stupidity when he made the blanket statement that “Pagan” meant “country dweller/peasant” (well, shit man, look around you! If this ain't country and the land of the peasants, I don't know what is in the modern day US!), couldn't possibly have evolved over the past few centuries, and that to be what I considered “Pagan” (Wiccans, Druids, etc.), one MUST be a Wiccan. Anything else was bullshit, fake, etc. Now that wasn't his exact wording, but that was basically what he said, summed up.

I was dumbstruck. I had encountered people online who disliked the term “Pagan” because of it's original meaning, but they never went so far as to tell people that Wicca (or whatever they practiced) was the only real term to cover so many different groups of people. That's like saying that you can't use the term “White” or “Caucasian” to describe all white people, they are ALL Irish. Yeah, right.

So, after my lesson in how he obviously knows me better than myself, he showed my something from a former spell. A spell he concocted to try to bring about the death of someone if they didn't uphold their end of some deal, or some such bull shit. Ok, so you're “Wiccan,” but it's ok for you to kill someone if you don't get your way (by using your super powerful, awesome spell created by you, the super powerful ruler of all of Wicca) and you know absolutely nothing about Gerald Gardner, or anyone else who helped shape history, except Crowley. Hmm... Right... Anyway, on this page for the spell, there were names of several Deities. He asked if I recognized any of the twelve (I think it was twelve) and I started naming the ten that I definitely knew something about. He stopped me after Hekate with a look of horror, then explained (as you would to a two year old reaching for a hot stove top) that you can't EVER say a Deity's name aloud except during ritual.

I'm not saying that it's impossible to conjure up something you don't want to (like bad energy), but I really don't think we're so significant in the grand scheme of things to have the power to instantly call a Deity into our presence by simply saying their name. If that were the case, the world would be drastically different. I don't believe it's necessary to throw yourself on your face and grovel to a Deity for them to take notice of you, but just saying a name instantly makes them appear to smite you? Eh, I don't see it. I mean, if you're focusing on calling their energy to you for some purpose, sure. But just saying it? I don't buy it. If that were the case, I'd probably have been killed long ago.

Let this be a warning for those of you who have yet to encounter your own crazy local “Pagan.” Just because you stand in a garage, you are not a car. Likewise, just because someone calls himself/herself a Pagan or Witch, doesn't make them so.


  1. Wow what a boso you m et. Lol, i definitely agree that a Diety's name is sacred but sing it outside of ritual is not harmful. I mean "the watchers are always watching". If you have a special connection to a God/Goddess then using the name may bring more of their presence around you. Hey is this blog written by a follower of Hecate?( I'm noticing the layout of the page). I am a follower of Hecate also "Primal Craft"
    just saying Blesses Be :)
    - In Nomine Hecate-

    1. Yes, I do follow Hekate :) Thanks for reading! I agree with what you said about having a special connection and it possibly bring their presence around you more, but otherwise I really don't think they care very much if their name is mentioned. How else are people supposed to learn about different deities? I see no difference between writing the name, thinking the name and saying the name, personally, but apparently he felt that if he wrote the name it had less power than me speaking it.