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Monday, February 13, 2012

I Am Dork, Hear Me Meow

I've been thinking about my BOS a lot lately, especially the ways I can customize it (such as doodles, borders, lettering, etc.). While thinking about this earlier today, after looking at some scrap booked pages in other people's BOS online, a very strange idea struck me. Now before I tell you about this, lets get a few things straight lol. First of all, I have NO IDEA where the heck I would use this in my BOS lol. Probably on a page dealing with children related topics, or maybe as part of a page about transitioning from a little girl to a little woman/first menses... I have no idea. Second, I am not a girly person. I like makeup and nail art, and that's about it. I want to be a makeup artist at some point (probably as a side job while I work as an aesthetician), always have, so I think obsessing over makeup kind of comes along with that goal. So, that out of the way, this is the idea that struck me:

My Hello Kitty stickers... Go ahead, laugh. I really am considering a Hello Kitty themed page in my BOS. These are those "nicer" stickers that are layered, know what I mean? Since I had that idea, I've had some ideas for a journal so maybe I'll just use it for a journal page, but it definitely got my creative juices flowing, that's for sure. My initial reaction to that thought was, "What the HELL are you THINKING?!" and then I responded to myself with, "Well, it's a new idea, isn't it?" And so it continued until I reached the, "Hmm, well, I can see your point...maybe...I'll think about it," point.

So there's at least one of my insanely random thoughts of the day lol. Blessed Be, guys )O(


  1. i actually have some hello kitty stickers in mine, one of mine that i used as a BOS / journal. it is full now but i had a hello kitty sticker on every page. i love the idea!

  2. Enjoying your blog. Your BOS is personal to you. If you want Hello Kitty in it, then you should have it!