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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday Correspondences: Week 2

The metal that corresponds to Fridays is copper which is associated with the planet Venus and the element Water. Copper is a receptive and warm metal, thought to be lucky and encourages and draws love into your life.

Stones and crystals associated with Friday are:
Emerald- This is a receptive ston, corresponding to Venus and Earth, and metals associated with it are copper and silver. Emeralds are thought to improve memory and clairvoyant abilities, and when they are worn, they promote love and happiness.

Coral- Coral is associated with Aphrodite and Venus, the planet Venus and the  element Water. Coral has been used for thousands of years and  the ancient Romans believed that when children wore coral beads it protected them and healed wounds.  Folklore says that coral earrings were once worn to attract men, so if you're looking for some romance, give it a shot.
Amber- A healing stone linked to the Goddess Freya, the Sun and Fire. It can be used for promoting beauty and strength, as well as fertility, love, prosperity, protection and personal power increasing magick.

Rose quartz- This is a pink quartz  stone that corresponds with the sun and the Moon, as well as the elements Fire and Water. It's thought to be receptive, which helps in attracting things such as joy, harmony, love, comfort in a romantic relationship, and love for yourself. It also makes a nice friendship gift. One of my close friends got married over the summer and shortly before the wedding she began to have trouble sleeping and she and her fiancĂ©e were arguing a lot about minor things, so I gave her a rough rose quartz and a tumbled amethyst and things settled down a bit for her.

Thursday Correspondences: Week 2

The metal associated with Thursday  is tin, which is linked to Jupiter and the element Air. The energy is projective and pulls in good luck and prosperity. 

Some stones & crystals associated with Thursdays are:

Amethyst- Amethyst is a type of quartz and comes in several shades, from a pinkish lavender to a deep purple  with reddish tones. This stone corresponds to both Jupiter and Neptune, and is associated with the element of water. It is thought to be a spiritual stone and bring peace. Some believe that it corresponds to Spirit as well, and also the crown chakra. Amethysts can enhance precognitive dreams and strengthen intuitive skills. This stone is great for relieving stress when carried or worn, and I personally like to use it to help me sleep and relieve headaches by holding it while I fall asleep or holding it to my head to ease the headache.

Sapphire- This stone also falls into alignment with the energies of Thursdays because it's known for prosperity and money spells. These stones are also protective, and can be used for healing magick.

Turquoise- This stone is associated with the element Earth and is used to promote prosperity, ensure wealth, and it increases intuitive abilities/empathic qualities. It is a symbol of love and friendship, and is a luck, money and healing drawing stone which guards against danger and illness. In lore, if the stone breaks it's a sign to keep your eyes open for possible risk. Turquoise also promotes courage.

Wednesday Correspondences: Week 2

Sorry it  took me so long to get all these blogs up guys. I've been sick since the weekend and I didn't feel up to editing. Then I started having issues with posting. Stupid blogger errors, grrr. 

The metal associated with Wednesdays is quicksilver, or mercury. Mercury is both receptive and projective, and, big surprise, is associated with the planet Mercury. This metal is linked to the elements Earth, Air and Water. It's connected with three because: its weight ties it to Earth, being liquid ties it to Water, and the rolling movements ties it to Air. Mercury is VERY toxic! Do not handle it!

Stones linked to Wednesdays are:

Opal- Opals are associated with all the elements. It is thought that wearing opals increases psychic powers, boosts self-esteem and bring your inner beauty to the surface, and opals can also aid astral projection ad psychic work.

Aventurine- The element associated with aventurine is Air and it has a projective energy. It is also associated with the God Mercury and has  may of the same attributes. Aventurine is considered a gambler's stone and can help bring in money  luck quickly. This stone comes in a variety of colors, such as a pal and creamy green, peach, brown and blue. Carrying a green aventurine can promote prosperity, good luck and success. It is also believed to calm emotions, boost creativity, and speed healing.

Agate- Agate comes in many shades and colors, and the overall associations for magickal workings are for strengthening memory and providing stamina to the wearer. It may also help with good sleep, chasing away nightmares. Wearing agates is thought to energize you, but also keep you calm and centered. Some varieties of agate:

Banded agate- Associated with Fire, it has a projective energy which radiates out and around you. This is a readily available protective stone.

Blue lace agate- Linked with the element of Water, this crystal has receptive energies useful or de-stressing and riding a home of negativity and psychic garbage.

Brown agate- This stone is associated with Fire and is a projective stone useful for carrying for magickal protection. It is  also thought to be an amulet for success, wealth, prosperity and accomplishment.

Green agate- The association for this stone is Earth and is considered to be a receptive stone, used for healing and fertility spells.

Moss agate- Also associated with Earth and  a receptive stone. This stone is useful for green/garden magick and Witchery, as well as herbalism and is considered to be a gardener's stone. Wearing it can help you get your energy back from a difficult day, and magickally it is used for luck, longevity and prosperity.

Red agate- This is a projective stone associated with Fire, and is useful as a healing and shielding stone. A folk name for red agate is blood agate because it was thought to purify the blood, which would make it a good stone for healing magick to rid the body of infection.

Tuesday Correspondences: Weeks 1 & 2

I know I didn't get the blog up for Tuesday, week 1, last week so I'm adding week 2 to the end of this post.

Week 1

Tuesdays are associated with the planet Mars, and the Roman God of the same name, and the planetary symbol is: http://www.astroroom.com/mars-glyph.png

Tuesdays got their name from the Norse Deity Tyr, Tiw or Tiu, a God of battles and courage. The planetary influence of Tuesdays brings aggression, bravery and honor, as well as strength and passion for fighting for a cause.

Some Deities associated with Tuesdays are: Mars, Tyr/Tiw and Lilith.

The colors for Tuesday include red, black, scarlet, orange, white, gray and maroon.

Magickal work fit for Tuesdays include spells for passion, courage, aggression and protection.

Week 2

The metal connected with Tuesday is iron, a projective element associated with the planet Mars and the element Fire. Wrought iron candleholders can easily incorporate this metal in your Tuesday magickal work, and old iron nails  can be used in spells for protection to confuse your enemies, guard your property, and boost your personal power. Also, cast iron cauldrons, though traditionally viewed as a symbol of the Goddess, because of the metal it's created with, it is also connected to Mars.

Stones associated with Tuesdays are:

Garnet- These stones are linked with the element Fire and they are projective stones, which are good to carry with you if you will be exerting yourself physically. Garnets are thought to enhance strength and endurance. Though the most common garnet color is a dark red, they may also be found in pink, orange, yellow, green, purple and basically any shade besides blue. Garnets can help strengthen your aura and boost your self esteem, and wearing it can give  you a "don't mess with me" vibe.  Garnets are also useful for grounding, getting rid of nightmares, and protection.

Bloodstone- Bloodstones are associated with the elements Earth and Fire. These are great stones for healing rituals, courage, physical health and endurance. Bloodstones can be used to promote a healthy and safe pregnancy, and to keep you injury free if you play sports or workout regularly. They can be useful in reminding you t o not push yourself to hard (physically) and while wearing or carrying a bloodstone you may feel a boost in courage, and/or find yourself more even-tempered and calm.

Ruby- These stones are linked with the element Fire and are stones of love, wealth and power. Wearing rubies can increase your personal protection, promote happiness, healing, and keep your attitude more positive. Rubies are thought to add some oomph to powers set in motion by spells, and help your spells work out as well and quickly as possible.

Red Jasper- This stone is also associated with the element Fire, and the planet Mars. Red jasper is useful for protection and defensive magick, and it encourages healing. Some women  use this stone to enhance their personal appearance by charming jasper beads or the tumbled stones. Jasper is thought to deflect negativity, spells, and manipulation and return it to the sender.

Monday Correspondences: Weeks 1 & 2

I swear I typed up a blog for Monday week 1 and now I don't know where it is. Weird. I knew Tuesday never got posted, so I'll just combine weeks 1 & 2 for it as well. No idea what happened with Monday, though. Hmmm...

Week 1:
Monday is associated with the Moon and the planetary symbol is: http://metempyrion.org/img/symbols/symbols_sun_moon_planets_moon_quarter.png

A few deities associated with Mondays are Mani, Thoth, Selene and Meness. 

Colors associated with Mondays include white, silver, pale blue

Mondays have a feminine energy  because of the association of the Moon to the Goddess, and these are great days for working with lunar energies. Magickal work for Mondays can include working on psychic abilities, spells for healing, psychic awareness, peace, compassion, friends, fertility, purification and sleep.

Week 2:

The metal associated with Monday is silver. Silver is a receptive metal linked with the lunar Goddess energies. It is the metal of emotions, magick, peace, and psychic abilities.

Stones associated with Mondays are:

Quartz crystals: I can not speak enough about the versatility of quartz crystals. They are among my personal favorites because they're basically an "all-purpose" crystal (like white candles can be used for any work). Quartz crystals are connected to the Moon and the Sun, and have both masculine (God) and feminine (Goddess)-- projective and receptive-- energies, and they're associated with the fifth element, Spirit.

Pearl- Pearls are associated with the element Water and are considered to be receptive and a symbol of the Moon. Pearls are one of those things that the ethics of use are debated about (just like leather) since the oyster that formed the pearl has to be killed to get the pearl. If you already own pearls, or have no qualms about using them, you can use them for Moon magick. They're often used, also, for Goddess magick, women's magick, and fertility and good fortune workings.

Saphire- Blue sahpires are associated with the element Water. Blue is the more common color, however there are other colors as well, such as yellow, pink, purple, green and orange. There are no red sapphires because rubies are considered red sapphires, and rubies and sapphires are often found together with one color being more dominant than the other. This stone is used in magick for protection, sorcery and healing. Sapphire jewelry can increase your psychic abilities, and blue sapphires are thought to be love stones. Worn while meditating, a sapphire can increase divine knowledge, and they can also increase spirituality.

Moonstone- Obviously this stone had to make the cut for a stone associated with Mondays, the day of the Moon. These stones are linked to the Moon and the sea, it is a receptive stone, and the elemental association is Water. Moonstones are used in all types of Moon magick. Wearing moonstones can increase your psychic awareness, so if you're already sensitive you might want to consider limiting your contact with the stone. I personally love my moonstones and use them frequently when I want to turn up my psychic abilities, even though I am empathic. For some people, carrying or wearing moonstone frequently can lead to a psychic overload, though, so use your own judgment. Moonstones are useful for spells for increasing your psychic abilities and boosting empathy, safe travel, gardening and self-awareness. It's a classic Goddess stone, and I like to carry a piece with me in my travel altar to symbolize Divine Feminine energy during spells or rituals on the go. I also use moonstones during mentruation because I've (personally) found that it eases my cramps. I typically keep a moonstone, quartz crystal and amethyst handy on especially painful months to relax me, ease the pain, as well as tap into the extra boost of intuition and psychic awareness my time of the month brings to me.

Sunday Correspondences: Week 2

The metal associated with Sunday is Gold. Gold is associated with the energies of the Sun, as well as with Sun Deities and energies thought to be "regal" or "majestic." Gold is thought to have powers associated with health, prosperity, wisdom, success, prosperity and wisdom, and it's thought that wearing gold promotes a long life. Gold also has a masculine energy, and wearing gold can boost your personal power and confidence. If you wear silver and gold it can help bring balance into your life and maagickal work.

Stones associated with Sundays are:

Carnelian- Is associated with the element Fire, and colors range from pink to orange and red. It's used for protection, courage, sexuality and healing, and it can help you focus on your life path and make  good decisions. Carnelian aids in the removal of doubts and negativity, and it's positivity keeps you moving ahead. This is a good stone to work with when doing magickal work involving your career.

Tiger's Eye- This is a very useful stone to have on hand (it's one of my favorites). Tiger's Eye is associated with Fire and is useful for protection, bravery, prosperity and luck. I like carrying Tiger's Eye  with me while traveling, or going out at night alone, and I've also incorporated it into magick worked for protection and courage.

Quartz Crystal- Quartz crystals can be receptive and projective, and embody both masculine and feminine energies. Quartz is associated with both Fire and Water. Quartz are thought to intensify the energies of other stones and crystals, as well as your own personal power. Wearing a point or carrying with you can

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Correspondences: Week 2

This week I want to talk about stones and metals associated with the days of the week. Just for the record, I have not and will not claim that this series is going to cover every possible association for the days of the week! That would take years for me to do and that isn't the point of this series. So...

One metal associated with Saturdays is Lead. Lead, being toxic, isn't recommended for magickal use these days.

Stones and crystals associated with Saturdays are dark ones, going back to the color correspondences for Saturdays. I'm not going to go into great detail about these because I'm working on a stones/crystals page, so once that's finished I'll link to that page. Some stones associated with Saturday are:

Obsidian- Obsidian is a naturally occurring glass that forms when lava cools very quickly and there is very little crystal growth. Obsidian is associated with the element Fire and the planet Saturn. Obsidian is a good stone to help you ground and center, and it's also useful in spells for protection magick and getting rid of negative energy.

Black Tourmaline- Black tourmaline is also associated with Saturn, but it's elemental correspondence is Earth. This stone is good for absorbing negativity and protection from psychic and emotional vampires. Basically, it creates a psychic barrier.

Hematite- This stone is one of my personal favorites. (Actually, come to think of it, these first three are some of my favorites!) It's an excellent stone for grounding and calming. It's good for stabilizing energies, but wearing it or carrying it with you frequently can also cause you to be more receptive of feelings and impressions from other people, so beware if you're already sensitive to these things. However, if you need to be more open and levelheaded, wearing it or carrying it around with you could be beneficial. Hematite is associated with the element Fire and the planet Saturn. It can also be used for emotional healing, such as bridging a rift between lovers or friends.

Jet- This stone is associated with the element Earth, and also Spirit, and it's planetary correspondence is Saturn. Jet absorbs negative energies, so if you have some, you could place it in a room of your home to absorb any anger, frustration, etc. You can also keep it in your bedroom to promote good sleep and keep away nightmares.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Is anyone participating this year? If you don't know what NaNoWriMo is, here's the gist of it: It's a challenge to write a novel in...30 days!  That's write (<hehe, sorry, couldn't resist), a 50,000 word novel beginning on November 1st, 2011 and ending at 11:59PM on November 30th, 2011. If you're interested, you can still enter! It's really cool and there are tons of awesome things on their website, including forums, inspirational messages, etc. So, if you're interested, check out the NaNoWriMo website and get writing!

I admit that I "cheated" a little. I had never heard of NaNoWriMo before November 2nd (yes, 11/02/2011), but I had already written about 5,000 words in the book that I'm working on. When I heard about NaNo, I decided it might be the push I needed to finish my book. I started writing again last night and now my word count is over 11,000! I'm stoked!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Correspondences: Week 1

Friday is said to be named after Freya and/or Frigga, the Norse Goddesses of love. People have debated which Goddess the day was really named after, but I'll get into that in a later blog. The planet associated with Fridays is Venus, and the planetary symbol is: http://www.sheetudeep.com/images/astrology/venus.gif

Fridays are traditionally days for love, romance, fertility and beauty magick, as well as for working magick for happiness, a peaceful home, friendship and reconciliations.

Colors associated with Fridays include: Pink, aqua green, white, rose, coral and purple.

Deities associated with Friday include Freya & Frigga, Eros, and Aphrodite/Venus. We'll get into a more detailed explanation of each of these deities as the weeks progress. For now, I want to keep things limited and basic, then with some things I'll expand on them in later blogs.

Thursday Correspondences: Week 1

Thursday was named for Jove, or Jupiter from the Roman pantheon, and the planetary correspondence for Thursday is, of course, Jupiter. The planetary symbol for Jupiter is: http://www.astroroom.com/jupiter-glyph.png

Jove/Jupiter was associated with leadership, thunder and lightening, and wealth. Other associations for Thursday and Jupiter are: prosperity and abundance, good health, leadership and generosity and expansion.

Colors associated with Thursdays include: green, white, purple, crimson, turquoise, green and royal blue.

Thursday is a good day for magickal work involving prosperity and abundance, but that doesn't necessarily mean monetary gain and having flashy new toys. It can be abundance of good health, happiness, etc. This would also be a good time to do some magickal work involving your budget, though, such as eliminating spur of the moment purchases.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Correspondences: Week 1

I didn't forget Tuesday altogether! I typed it, saved it (intending to edit it later) and then forgot to come back! So, Tuesday is saved for next week :(

The planet that corresponds with Wednesday is Mercury, and the planetary symbol is: http://solarempire.co.uk/images/MercurySymbol.gif

Some Deities associated with Wednesday are Mercury/Hermes, Odin/Wodin and Athena.

Colors for Wednesday include: Yellow, orange, brown, purple, topaz and white.

Magickal work for Wednesdays are those which will work well with the energies of Mercury, such as: communication, intelligence, study, travel, creativity, and wisdom.  Wednesday is an excellent time to do magick centered around improving skills (whether they be in business, art, communications, etc.), seeking wisdom (possibly through divination), and changing your circumstances.