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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My reasons for some things

Hopefully this will be fairly brief and to the point lol. I know it's been about a week since I did a blog, and I feel like doing one now, before I try to get a little sleep.

First, I want to talk about spells. You will probably rarely, if ever, find any of my personal spells on this blog. I may give suggestions, but never a complete spell. I don't give out spells, unless it's something that I got elsewhere...which means there's only one that I would give out, and you can find it  countless other places. The ONLY spell I've ever used that was not originally mine is the New Moon Abundance Check spell. Someone from another website suggested it for me a  long time ago and I had great success with it. Since then, I've encountered it in many places, even one or two YouTube channels. Even with it, I tweaked some things a little bit. 

I don't like using spells that were written by other people. I don't feel any connection to them and I just have no desire to use them. I don't give them out because, A. I find it to be far too easy for people to acquire spells that they may not  even be ready for as it is so I do not wish to contribute, B. because I think it's important  to figure out how to write your own spells if you're going to practice Witchcraft, and C. I just don't want to share them. Call me selfish or whatever, I don't care. They are MY spells and I can decide whether or not I wish to distribute them. For some people, that's fine with them, but for me, I'm just not  ok with it (at least for now).

I've already explained why I keep things fairly casual with my rituals and whatnot, so I'll move on to Sabbat and Esbat celebrations. I don't celebrate them all. I might celebrate half of each during a good year. That's partially due to no planning well, but mostly it's because I've celebrated them all in the past, and now I just break out a ritual or something for the times I feel connected to, which are generally during fall and winter.  I celebrate Esbats more frequently, I suppose, but I celebrate the Full and DARK moons, instead of Full and New. Some argue they're the same things, but I personally feel that there are several different energies throughout the month, and I feel a difference between the times that the moon is invisible and becomes visible once more. Also, it seems like every time I plan something, something comes up to interfere (a cold, a wedding, etc.). I still recognize the  Sabbats and Esbats and try to meditate on those days about the theme and whatnot, but I only do something "special" if I feel called to do so.

I don't do spells very often. Or at least not "formal" spells, where I sit down and right it out, etc. Honestly, it probably couldn't hurt at all for me to do them more often, but I'm a bit stubborn and try to do everything by exclusively mundane ways (which doesn't always work out). I really don't know why I don't try using spells to help things along more often. Maybe it's partially because there  are so many young "newbies" out there who are just interested in spell work, and I don't want to feel like I'm being that way, or maybe it's a combination of a hundred reasons. Whatever it is, I still believe that magick should be used only when it's necessary. It isn't a toy.

I wear my pentacle every single day. I don't wear it to display my beliefs or anything, I wear it because I'm used to wearing it (like my wedding  band, which I wear less often than my pentacle necklace, but that's a long story) and because it reminds me of who I am, where I've been, and where I'm going. My necklace has  the phases of the moon, and in a way I feel it's also a sort of metaphor for life and the cycles we go through.

As always, suggestions are always welcome, as are comments.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Natural Witches

I hear this term a lot... Mostly I hear it from newbies and super young teens who still believe that the Craft is like, well, the movie The Craft. I never called myself a "natural Witch," but the first Witch I met did, then the next, then the next, and so on. I have NO idea why, to this day. I've asked and they've all just told me it was a feeling or something. Now, here's MY take on natural Witches, after a brief apology lol.  Sorry this is jumbled a little, I feel like total crap, but I wanted to get a new blog up.

I believe that natural Witches are no different from any other Witches for the most part. I think the only thing that sets them apart is a natural ability to put into practice the things that you learn about Witchcraft, such as energy manipulation. I also believe that EVERYONE can do most of these things. I think it just comes more naturally to natural Witches. You know how some people pick up playing an instrument like it's second nature to them, from the very beginning, while some other people struggle for years to get the basics down? Or how some people are really great at math without really trying? I think that being a "natural" Witch is similar to that. You just have a slight natural advantage in some areas. It doesn't mean that they ("natural" Witches) don't have to work to learn things, it just means that when putting things into practice it's a bit easier for them sometimes. 

I think I have been called a "natural" Witch because some things came so easily to me, such as Circle casting, manipulating energy and figuring out my own way of doing things for spells and the like. It doesn't mean I'm some sort of super Witch, I just got lucky in my opinion. Maybe it's just because I was exposed to the Craft at such a young age, who knows?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm Not Into Formality...

A post I read on another website made me think about this. Someone had asked a group how they invoke/call upon Hekate/Hecate in their rituals and the like, and since I work with Her, it caught my eye. I was reading through and it was the same stuff I usually see about invoking and the like from books. Nothing exact, that I could tell, but the same setup: set up your altar, call quarter, say this long invoking chant, etc. I don't do that. I never really have. I mean, I tried it for a while when I was fist beginning, but I found it way too formal and distracting, more than anything. Eventually, I passed the point of thinking I was doing something "wrong" by doing things my way and I experimented, which led me to what I find most useful for my personal practices.

I don't use a chant or formal anything. I talk to the Deity I wish to communicate with and work with. And I don't just do it during a ritual or spell work, I do it nearly daily. I firmly believe that to successfully work with a Deity, you need to have a relationship with them and know their energy and the like. You can't just flip through a list of Deities and say, "I'm going to work with Zeus today!" without knowing anything about Him, how He works, His energy, what He finds acceptable, etc. If I wish to  speak with Hekate, or work with Her energy, I simply start speaking to Her and ask Her if she would join/help me. I carry on a conversation with Her, discussing my spiritual life, how I see Her, asking Her to reveal things to me if She deems it appropriate, etc. I talk to Her like I would talk to a close friend. I don't cower at Her feet, I don't grovel, I don't command, I  simply speak with Her.

I have found this method to work best for me, but I acknowledge that others have the greatest success with more formality. That's fine, too! Whatever works for you is what matters. I do suggest that you take time and experiment with different methods, to find what truly feels best. You may originally think that the way you're doing things is the right way for you, and later discover a  way that's even more rewarding. You'll never know until you try.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's in your freaking head!

I have lost count of the number of questions I've seen recently saying things like, "What is the cure for an illness caused by witchcraft?" or "So-and-so put a curse on me! How do I break it!?"

First of all, if you're like 12 years old, it's HIGHLY unlikely that anyone cursed your ass! THAT level of skill (being able to not only perform a curse, but have it work correctly and LAST, etc.) takes a LOT of time to master. Your 13 year old "BFF" didn't curse you, even if s/he said so. More than likely, the people who would have the skills to do it aren't going to care enough about you to curse you, or they're going to care more about their own karma to not do it, no matter how irritating you may be. 

If you think you're getting sick, you'll get sick. Hypochondriacs do it all the time. The same is true for curses and all that crap. If you BELIEVE you were cursed, you're going to start experiencing "symptoms" of that curse, but it isn't because you WERE cursed. The power of suggestion is a powerful thing. 

I could have waved my arms at some of the people in my school back in high school and then pointed at them and shouted, "I CURSE YOU!" and then when they tripped trying to run away, they would have believed it was part of their "curse" and would have started experiencing other "symptoms." It wouldn't be because they were actually cursed, though, it would be because they believed they were and began to manifest those thoughts. 

This is sort of tied in with the whole positive affirmations thing. If you believe something is true, it becomes true.The human mind is very powerful and capable of a lot more than people give it credit for.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Book Reviews and My Writing

Ok, I'm going to TRY to add a poll on my blog somewhere about this, but for now I'm just going to make this post. One person on Twitter responded to my tweet about making another blog for book reviews. I'm considering making one for reviews and snippets of my writing (I'm working on two books, and I write a lot of poetry, so I might put it on that blog as well). Anyone interested in that? Let me know!

Take a Break

Someone suggested (on YouTube) that I do videos about daily life, Sabbats, etc., but I'm going to start here with all of that.

One thing that I do during the day (not every day, though) to reconnect with myself and my spiritual path is very, very simple. I have a bookshelf in my living room that has most of my Pagan and Witchy books on it. It also has most of my stones, my working candle, a censor, and a Buddha.  Hell, I think it has more on it lol. Basically, it's turning into a huge altar bookshelf. Anyway, when I really need to just chill out, think, whatever, I light some incense on it and just stand in front of it and meditate for a few moments. Slow breathing, eyes fluttering softly shut, mind clearing, etc. I only do this for a few moments, but my incense has sort of become a "trigger" for calm, and that sort of thing for me, so even after I leave the shelves, every time I catch a whiff of that incense burning, I'm calm and focused again.

Friday, July 1, 2011

My baby is gone :'(

Munchkin had been acting funny since sometime yesterday, but I thought it was just the heat since he seemed better when he was in a room with a fan or AC. I kept trying to get him to eat and he was doing pretty good until last night. He had started lapping milk, and almost totally refusing his bottle. He was pretty much flea free, but a couple of strays got to him here and there, which hubby and I would squish every time he ate or anything else. He was doing so well... I was going to take him to the vet in the morning because I thought he might be getting an eye infection, and I knew I wouldn't have money today (hubs gets paid on Saturdays and my bank account is almost dry). Apart from being a little lethargic, he was fine. He wasn't eating quite as much as the day before, but again, I thought it was the heat. He was still peeing, pooping, walking around, etc. 

Today, it was the same story. Hell, he climbed up his blanket from his bed box thingy and got in the floor and crawled under the bed and stuff. Then when my husband got home, I asked him to try to feed Munchkin so I could go to the bathroom and shower. He came in and told me Munchkin was acting really weird suddenly, so I searched for the nearest emergency veterinary clinic (which is about an hour away, I learned). We were getting ready to take him, and then suddenly he was just gone. I didn't believe it... Every baby animal I've seen pass, it's been horrible (I won't go into details). But Munchkin looked happier and more peaceful than he had in days. It was so sudden, it took me almost a minute to realize that he really was gone.

I know this is off topic from most of my blogs, but I needed to get this out. I've been bawling and then trying to stay busy, and this is just part of staying busy I guess. I want to thank everyone who sent him healing and positive thoughts and energy. Without you guys, I don't think he would have made it as long as he did. We think he might have had worms, but we're not sure. Again, I'm so thankful for everyone who responded to my tweets and stuff about him. If nothing else, I think it caused his passing to be quick and gentle. I don't think I could have made it through him suffering. I still have nightmares about the kitten that died in my hands a while back.

This has turned into one hellacious year. I really hope that the worst is behind us now...

Hekate/Hecate Followers

 This isn't an informational blog about the Goddess Hecate, it's just me voicing some things I've noticed. 

When I first began working with Her a couple of years ago, I was met with all sorts of negativity from other Pagans and Witches. It seemed like nearly every person I discussed the topic with thought I was insane for working with a dark and mysterious Goddess, and that resulted in my also being labeled a "fluffy bunny" (if you've read my blog, you know how much I despise that term anyway) because I was following a Goddess that I obviously couldn't know anything about and must have chosen Her out of convenience of the Greek pantheon. First of all, I didn't choose Her, SHE chose ME. I was terrified of dark and crone Goddesses before I started working with Cerridwen a few years ago, and then Hecate started showing up in my dreams and "vision quests" (for lack of a better term). It scared the shit out of me! All I'd heard about Her before then was negativity. 

After a lot of meditating and all sorts of other means to figure things out, I put on my big girl panties and cast a Circle and did a ritual (which I rarely do), and invited Hecate to join me. I INSTANTLY felt a presence with me, which caught me off guard. I'd never felt anything like it. And thus my relationship with Her began...

Now, a couple of years later, there's all the hype about "Nocturnal Witchcraft" and the like, plus the Hellenic Recons, etc., and suddenly, I see people popping up everywhere that claim Her as their "Matron Goddess" and the like. Really? Now that Konstantinos and whoever else has become so popular, NOW it's ok to follow Hecate, but when I first started it was taboo? What the fuck is with that?

Don't get me wrong here, I mean no offense to those who also work with Her! I'm just very confused about why it's suddenly acceptable, after I met so much hatred about it. I know I wasn't the first "neo-Pagan" to work with Her, but sheesh! They're like coming out of the woodwork now! I don't know how many of them are serious, and how many are just trying for shock value or whatever, but I know I've come across several from each category.

Hecate isn't the only dark Goddess that I've observed this happening with, but She's the one that really hits home with me. I just hope that with all of this new interest in the dark Goddesses and crone Goddesses, fewer "newbies" are swayed from following the call from one, and there's less confusion and fear in the future, concerning those Goddesses who have been so misunderstood.