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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Books I recommend

I did a video about the books that I recommend, but I'm sure I forgot some, so here is a short list with links to the book on Amazon.com.

And yes, for the billionth time, I KNOW not everyone likes Silver! I find her writing to be very entertaining and interesting, so I included a few books. I personally don't care for Raymond Buckland's books very much, but some people love him. He puts me to sleep, though. We all have our preferences. 

My recommendation to everyone is to read whatever interests you that you can get your hands on and decide for yourself what you do and do not like, and NEVER take the words and advice from one book as the end all truth. These books were written by individuals who have their way of doing things. The purpose of these books is to guide you to your own ideas about things and just give you a "jumping off" point. 

I also recommend that you never just use someone's spell the way it is. If you like one, great, but tweak it to suit your own needs before you use it. Writing and performing your OWN spell and ritual is way more effective (most of the time, at least) than using one written by someone else.