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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday Correspondences: Week 2

Sorry it  took me so long to get all these blogs up guys. I've been sick since the weekend and I didn't feel up to editing. Then I started having issues with posting. Stupid blogger errors, grrr. 

The metal associated with Wednesdays is quicksilver, or mercury. Mercury is both receptive and projective, and, big surprise, is associated with the planet Mercury. This metal is linked to the elements Earth, Air and Water. It's connected with three because: its weight ties it to Earth, being liquid ties it to Water, and the rolling movements ties it to Air. Mercury is VERY toxic! Do not handle it!

Stones linked to Wednesdays are:

Opal- Opals are associated with all the elements. It is thought that wearing opals increases psychic powers, boosts self-esteem and bring your inner beauty to the surface, and opals can also aid astral projection ad psychic work.

Aventurine- The element associated with aventurine is Air and it has a projective energy. It is also associated with the God Mercury and has  may of the same attributes. Aventurine is considered a gambler's stone and can help bring in money  luck quickly. This stone comes in a variety of colors, such as a pal and creamy green, peach, brown and blue. Carrying a green aventurine can promote prosperity, good luck and success. It is also believed to calm emotions, boost creativity, and speed healing.

Agate- Agate comes in many shades and colors, and the overall associations for magickal workings are for strengthening memory and providing stamina to the wearer. It may also help with good sleep, chasing away nightmares. Wearing agates is thought to energize you, but also keep you calm and centered. Some varieties of agate:

Banded agate- Associated with Fire, it has a projective energy which radiates out and around you. This is a readily available protective stone.

Blue lace agate- Linked with the element of Water, this crystal has receptive energies useful or de-stressing and riding a home of negativity and psychic garbage.

Brown agate- This stone is associated with Fire and is a projective stone useful for carrying for magickal protection. It is  also thought to be an amulet for success, wealth, prosperity and accomplishment.

Green agate- The association for this stone is Earth and is considered to be a receptive stone, used for healing and fertility spells.

Moss agate- Also associated with Earth and  a receptive stone. This stone is useful for green/garden magick and Witchery, as well as herbalism and is considered to be a gardener's stone. Wearing it can help you get your energy back from a difficult day, and magickally it is used for luck, longevity and prosperity.

Red agate- This is a projective stone associated with Fire, and is useful as a healing and shielding stone. A folk name for red agate is blood agate because it was thought to purify the blood, which would make it a good stone for healing magick to rid the body of infection.

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