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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Correspondences: Week 1

I didn't forget Tuesday altogether! I typed it, saved it (intending to edit it later) and then forgot to come back! So, Tuesday is saved for next week :(

The planet that corresponds with Wednesday is Mercury, and the planetary symbol is: http://solarempire.co.uk/images/MercurySymbol.gif

Some Deities associated with Wednesday are Mercury/Hermes, Odin/Wodin and Athena.

Colors for Wednesday include: Yellow, orange, brown, purple, topaz and white.

Magickal work for Wednesdays are those which will work well with the energies of Mercury, such as: communication, intelligence, study, travel, creativity, and wisdom.  Wednesday is an excellent time to do magick centered around improving skills (whether they be in business, art, communications, etc.), seeking wisdom (possibly through divination), and changing your circumstances.

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