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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday Correspondences: Weeks 1 & 2

I know I didn't get the blog up for Tuesday, week 1, last week so I'm adding week 2 to the end of this post.

Week 1

Tuesdays are associated with the planet Mars, and the Roman God of the same name, and the planetary symbol is: http://www.astroroom.com/mars-glyph.png

Tuesdays got their name from the Norse Deity Tyr, Tiw or Tiu, a God of battles and courage. The planetary influence of Tuesdays brings aggression, bravery and honor, as well as strength and passion for fighting for a cause.

Some Deities associated with Tuesdays are: Mars, Tyr/Tiw and Lilith.

The colors for Tuesday include red, black, scarlet, orange, white, gray and maroon.

Magickal work fit for Tuesdays include spells for passion, courage, aggression and protection.

Week 2

The metal connected with Tuesday is iron, a projective element associated with the planet Mars and the element Fire. Wrought iron candleholders can easily incorporate this metal in your Tuesday magickal work, and old iron nails  can be used in spells for protection to confuse your enemies, guard your property, and boost your personal power. Also, cast iron cauldrons, though traditionally viewed as a symbol of the Goddess, because of the metal it's created with, it is also connected to Mars.

Stones associated with Tuesdays are:

Garnet- These stones are linked with the element Fire and they are projective stones, which are good to carry with you if you will be exerting yourself physically. Garnets are thought to enhance strength and endurance. Though the most common garnet color is a dark red, they may also be found in pink, orange, yellow, green, purple and basically any shade besides blue. Garnets can help strengthen your aura and boost your self esteem, and wearing it can give  you a "don't mess with me" vibe.  Garnets are also useful for grounding, getting rid of nightmares, and protection.

Bloodstone- Bloodstones are associated with the elements Earth and Fire. These are great stones for healing rituals, courage, physical health and endurance. Bloodstones can be used to promote a healthy and safe pregnancy, and to keep you injury free if you play sports or workout regularly. They can be useful in reminding you t o not push yourself to hard (physically) and while wearing or carrying a bloodstone you may feel a boost in courage, and/or find yourself more even-tempered and calm.

Ruby- These stones are linked with the element Fire and are stones of love, wealth and power. Wearing rubies can increase your personal protection, promote happiness, healing, and keep your attitude more positive. Rubies are thought to add some oomph to powers set in motion by spells, and help your spells work out as well and quickly as possible.

Red Jasper- This stone is also associated with the element Fire, and the planet Mars. Red jasper is useful for protection and defensive magick, and it encourages healing. Some women  use this stone to enhance their personal appearance by charming jasper beads or the tumbled stones. Jasper is thought to deflect negativity, spells, and manipulation and return it to the sender.

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