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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunday Correspondences: Week 2

The metal associated with Sunday is Gold. Gold is associated with the energies of the Sun, as well as with Sun Deities and energies thought to be "regal" or "majestic." Gold is thought to have powers associated with health, prosperity, wisdom, success, prosperity and wisdom, and it's thought that wearing gold promotes a long life. Gold also has a masculine energy, and wearing gold can boost your personal power and confidence. If you wear silver and gold it can help bring balance into your life and maagickal work.

Stones associated with Sundays are:

Carnelian- Is associated with the element Fire, and colors range from pink to orange and red. It's used for protection, courage, sexuality and healing, and it can help you focus on your life path and make  good decisions. Carnelian aids in the removal of doubts and negativity, and it's positivity keeps you moving ahead. This is a good stone to work with when doing magickal work involving your career.

Tiger's Eye- This is a very useful stone to have on hand (it's one of my favorites). Tiger's Eye is associated with Fire and is useful for protection, bravery, prosperity and luck. I like carrying Tiger's Eye  with me while traveling, or going out at night alone, and I've also incorporated it into magick worked for protection and courage.

Quartz Crystal- Quartz crystals can be receptive and projective, and embody both masculine and feminine energies. Quartz is associated with both Fire and Water. Quartz are thought to intensify the energies of other stones and crystals, as well as your own personal power. Wearing a point or carrying with you can

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