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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Correspondences: Week 2

This week I want to talk about stones and metals associated with the days of the week. Just for the record, I have not and will not claim that this series is going to cover every possible association for the days of the week! That would take years for me to do and that isn't the point of this series. So...

One metal associated with Saturdays is Lead. Lead, being toxic, isn't recommended for magickal use these days.

Stones and crystals associated with Saturdays are dark ones, going back to the color correspondences for Saturdays. I'm not going to go into great detail about these because I'm working on a stones/crystals page, so once that's finished I'll link to that page. Some stones associated with Saturday are:

Obsidian- Obsidian is a naturally occurring glass that forms when lava cools very quickly and there is very little crystal growth. Obsidian is associated with the element Fire and the planet Saturn. Obsidian is a good stone to help you ground and center, and it's also useful in spells for protection magick and getting rid of negative energy.

Black Tourmaline- Black tourmaline is also associated with Saturn, but it's elemental correspondence is Earth. This stone is good for absorbing negativity and protection from psychic and emotional vampires. Basically, it creates a psychic barrier.

Hematite- This stone is one of my personal favorites. (Actually, come to think of it, these first three are some of my favorites!) It's an excellent stone for grounding and calming. It's good for stabilizing energies, but wearing it or carrying it with you frequently can also cause you to be more receptive of feelings and impressions from other people, so beware if you're already sensitive to these things. However, if you need to be more open and levelheaded, wearing it or carrying it around with you could be beneficial. Hematite is associated with the element Fire and the planet Saturn. It can also be used for emotional healing, such as bridging a rift between lovers or friends.

Jet- This stone is associated with the element Earth, and also Spirit, and it's planetary correspondence is Saturn. Jet absorbs negative energies, so if you have some, you could place it in a room of your home to absorb any anger, frustration, etc. You can also keep it in your bedroom to promote good sleep and keep away nightmares.

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