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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monday Correspondences: Weeks 1 & 2

I swear I typed up a blog for Monday week 1 and now I don't know where it is. Weird. I knew Tuesday never got posted, so I'll just combine weeks 1 & 2 for it as well. No idea what happened with Monday, though. Hmmm...

Week 1:
Monday is associated with the Moon and the planetary symbol is: http://metempyrion.org/img/symbols/symbols_sun_moon_planets_moon_quarter.png

A few deities associated with Mondays are Mani, Thoth, Selene and Meness. 

Colors associated with Mondays include white, silver, pale blue

Mondays have a feminine energy  because of the association of the Moon to the Goddess, and these are great days for working with lunar energies. Magickal work for Mondays can include working on psychic abilities, spells for healing, psychic awareness, peace, compassion, friends, fertility, purification and sleep.

Week 2:

The metal associated with Monday is silver. Silver is a receptive metal linked with the lunar Goddess energies. It is the metal of emotions, magick, peace, and psychic abilities.

Stones associated with Mondays are:

Quartz crystals: I can not speak enough about the versatility of quartz crystals. They are among my personal favorites because they're basically an "all-purpose" crystal (like white candles can be used for any work). Quartz crystals are connected to the Moon and the Sun, and have both masculine (God) and feminine (Goddess)-- projective and receptive-- energies, and they're associated with the fifth element, Spirit.

Pearl- Pearls are associated with the element Water and are considered to be receptive and a symbol of the Moon. Pearls are one of those things that the ethics of use are debated about (just like leather) since the oyster that formed the pearl has to be killed to get the pearl. If you already own pearls, or have no qualms about using them, you can use them for Moon magick. They're often used, also, for Goddess magick, women's magick, and fertility and good fortune workings.

Saphire- Blue sahpires are associated with the element Water. Blue is the more common color, however there are other colors as well, such as yellow, pink, purple, green and orange. There are no red sapphires because rubies are considered red sapphires, and rubies and sapphires are often found together with one color being more dominant than the other. This stone is used in magick for protection, sorcery and healing. Sapphire jewelry can increase your psychic abilities, and blue sapphires are thought to be love stones. Worn while meditating, a sapphire can increase divine knowledge, and they can also increase spirituality.

Moonstone- Obviously this stone had to make the cut for a stone associated with Mondays, the day of the Moon. These stones are linked to the Moon and the sea, it is a receptive stone, and the elemental association is Water. Moonstones are used in all types of Moon magick. Wearing moonstones can increase your psychic awareness, so if you're already sensitive you might want to consider limiting your contact with the stone. I personally love my moonstones and use them frequently when I want to turn up my psychic abilities, even though I am empathic. For some people, carrying or wearing moonstone frequently can lead to a psychic overload, though, so use your own judgment. Moonstones are useful for spells for increasing your psychic abilities and boosting empathy, safe travel, gardening and self-awareness. It's a classic Goddess stone, and I like to carry a piece with me in my travel altar to symbolize Divine Feminine energy during spells or rituals on the go. I also use moonstones during mentruation because I've (personally) found that it eases my cramps. I typically keep a moonstone, quartz crystal and amethyst handy on especially painful months to relax me, ease the pain, as well as tap into the extra boost of intuition and psychic awareness my time of the month brings to me.

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