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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Correspondences: Week 1

Friday is said to be named after Freya and/or Frigga, the Norse Goddesses of love. People have debated which Goddess the day was really named after, but I'll get into that in a later blog. The planet associated with Fridays is Venus, and the planetary symbol is: http://www.sheetudeep.com/images/astrology/venus.gif

Fridays are traditionally days for love, romance, fertility and beauty magick, as well as for working magick for happiness, a peaceful home, friendship and reconciliations.

Colors associated with Fridays include: Pink, aqua green, white, rose, coral and purple.

Deities associated with Friday include Freya & Frigga, Eros, and Aphrodite/Venus. We'll get into a more detailed explanation of each of these deities as the weeks progress. For now, I want to keep things limited and basic, then with some things I'll expand on them in later blogs.

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