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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Correspondences: Week 1

Sunday is "the day of the sun." By the relationship of the Sun to the God, the energies of Sundays are masculine in nature. Sundays are good days for "me" time. When you think about the Sun and it's light shining on you, what comes to mind? Sundays brings the solar energies into our lives and some correspondences for the energy of Sundays are light, leadership and success, warmth, personal growth, anything that would be used for achieving some personal goals. Some ideas for magickal work on Sundays could be for sticking to a goal you set for yourself, seeking a promotion at work, healing, or seeking recognition for a job well done.  The planetary symbol for Sunday is: http://www.sorcerers-apprentice.co.uk/sunplanetsign1.gif

The metal associated with Sunday is gold and some color associations are: gold, yellow, bright shades of orange, yellow-orange, amber and bright pink.

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