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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soooo.... Uuuhhh...

My brain is kind of off tonight and I couldn't think of a snazzy title ;-) Basically this is just a random post of things I've been thinking about over the past few days while pouring over ideas for my blog and Youtube channel. Here's what I've come up with...

I think that instead of pressuring myself to ALWAYS do my best to blog only about Pagan/Witchy related things, I'm just going to write posts when an idea strikes me for something I want to talk about. Anyone have a problem with that? (See end of post for other questions posed to you, the reader!)

With that earth shattering announcement out of the way (lol), I'll move on to some other things.

If anyone is on Pottermore's beta site, or planning to join Pottermore when registration opens to everyone, I'm in Ravenclaw and my screen name is EyeNight165, so feel free to add me on there! I'm a total Potterhead, as I think I've already mentioned lol.

For those who have seen my BOS and liked it, Mystic Moon Media (the shop I bought it from on Etsy) is currently having a huge clearance sale on those large journal/BOS books that she makes, so check out her site if you're interested.

I ordered a Ravenclaw quill the other day and I can't wait to get it. I'm going to post pictures when it comes.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that my husband's insurance paperwork was processed in time for me to be covered because I really need to see a doctor soon about an issue that has come up. Hopefully it's nothing, but given family history and the like, it might not be nothing.

I had an idea for an Etsy shop (or something similar) a few days ago, and I'm thinking about eventually trying to put it together if I ever get motivated to work on some stuff for it. If I decide it isn't a totally pointless idea, I'll post updates eventually.

As for my Pagan/Witchy themed posts, I'm considering adding things like my personal beliefs about some things (magick, spells, deities, reincarnation, karma, Sabbats, etc.). Is anyone interested in that? How about things dealing with home making and the like? We have a household binder that I created, so I could do a post about creating your own, as well as things like cleaners for the home (and empowering them for a magickal purpose), crystal and stone usages and where they can be placed in your home for certain purposes, I'm considering writing a few short children's Pagan/Witchy stories and links to useful Pagan family sites, and more. What do you think? Any other suggestions for things you'd like to see? Anything you DON'T want to see posts about?

Until next time, I hope you're all well and blessed greatly!


  1. These BOS are great, but even on sale they are still pretty expensive... I'm still feeling guilty for buying a winter coat that was a) necessary, b) 25% off and c) only 30 bucks. *SIGH*

    I think the only thing I don't want to read is the kind of stuff you can find in the usual witchy books - which stone to use what for, which spell to do at which moon etc. Apart from that, I am one curious witch.

    Good luck with your health issues!

  2. I hear ya. I always feel guilty for buying something for myself. My BOS was my Mother's Day gift (the only gift my husband has given me in like 2-3 years), so I feel less guilty for it...Especially since I picked it out and ordered it, and he used tax return money to pay for it.