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Monday, October 31, 2011


I've decided to dress up a little and go out tonight. There's absolutely nothing to do anywhere near here, even for Halloween, but  I bought a pretty mask a few weeks ago and dammit I'm going to wear it! Even if it's only to go to Taco Bell or Walmart lol.

Then I'll be renting Scream 4 (yay free rental!) to finish my Scream marathon, try to watch RHPS with the husband, and then ritual and divination time! I'll try to get in Monday's first week correspondences, too.

I might post some pictures of my altar, "costume," and the like later, as well. Now I'm off to copy my ritual for tonight in one place (it's on like four separate pages right now lol) and start dinner. Yummy pumpkin soup, followed by my awesome pumpkin pie bread.

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