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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guilt Free Brownies

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Ok, so...no brownie is truly "guilt free," is it? I mean, it's a chocolatey fattening dieter's nightmare! WRONG! You want to enjoy truly guilt free food? Here's how: Love yourself. Be your own best friend. Stop treating food like it's a rewards and punishment system. 

You are NOT going to gain 20lb overnight if you eat a brownie, or a hot dog, or a funnel cake, or McDonald's, etc. Sure, it isn't healthy, but you need to stop treating your body like it's being bad for craving things and listen to it from time to time. Would you tell your best friend s/he was going to get fat and that s/he is disgusting and needs to work out an extra two hours to burn off eating a candy bar? Yes? Well, seek therapy or something. No? Good, now apply that line of thinking to YOURSELF. 

You need to stop thinking, "I've been good,  so I'll take one bite of cake...just one, if I eat more I'm being bad..." and things like that. It isn't healthy in any way. If you're denying yourself things and thinking negatively about it ("I'm bad if I eat that," "I'm going to get fat," etc.) it isn't good for your self image and the like, which can have negative effects on other areas of your life. But, if you can give up all the unhealthy foods in the world and never look back, never miss them, etc., that's great for you! Many of us can not, though. And that's ok. It isn't great, but so long as you aren't spending every moment on the couch stuffing your face with soda, cake, chips, brownies, hot dogs, fast food, etc., it's not THAT big of a deal. If you're eating a fairly well balanced diet regularly and being somewhat active or more active, you'll be just fine if you eat that piece of fudge that's calling your name, or get yourself some cotton candy at the fair. Just don't eat it 24/7 because that's what makes it really bad.

So, enjoy your junk food every now and then and be happy about it! I'm sure some healthy food fanatics would criticize this, but I really don't care. I eat well, but I also allow myself to have cravings and indulge now and then. I've struggled with eating disorders in the past and I know from personal experience that it's no way to live. So if you want a really "guilt free" food, learn to love yourself and be happy. Know that you aren't going to gain a ton of weight by letting yourself have something unhealthy now and then.

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