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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Devil & Freddy Krueger

Ok, I'm showing my uber love of Wes Craven and Robert Englund with this, but that's ok I guess lol. Sorry if this doesn't make perfect sense. I'm trying to get it typed out before I totally lose these thoughts. I'll try to answer any questions, though. I know I'm not a Christian, and I doubt I have any Christian followers, but if any happen across this blog post, I mean no offense.  This is just a thought that I had and nothing more, not intended to undermine anyone's beliefs, so I apologize in advance if it does cause any offense to anyone. It was not intended.

I was thinking about a few things when I was reading a book the other day, and this idea popped into my head after my thoughts began to wander. I started thinking about the whole "good vs. evil," "God vs. The Devil," thing and how we're moving out of the Piscean Age and into the Aquarian Age (or we're already in the Aquarian Age, but some Piscean ideas are still around, etc.) and what that means based on some things I've read, and a whole host of other things. One idea about the Aquarian Age is that the concept of "The Devil" may nearly cease to exist at some point, since it was a concept created during the Piscean Age and it will no longer be useful in the Aquarian Age.

Everyday I can see more examples of how this is proving to be true. A lot of people I encounter are thinking of "The Devil" in a more metaphorical sense, and less in a literal sense. That made me think about Freddy Krueger. Once the children stopped believing in him, he lost power and eventually ended up using Jason to gain back some of that power, blah blah blah. That's not the point, though, the point was that he LOST his power when people STOPPED believing in him.

I feel that believing in something gives it power. A teacher (Pagan teacher, that is) of mine once said that you can make a deity out of anything. If you believe strongly enough that your doorknob is a deity, it becomes your God. I believe that to be true. I think that deities were created by humans for their needs, such as fertility. Eventually they took on names and people just began to call on those names for what they needed. When a huge group of people begin to believe in something, it gains power and practically becomes  a living being.

Take hauntings, for example. If a family is being plagued by a spirit or residual energy in their home and they begin to believe in it, fear it, etc., it gains strength and sometimes the activity increases. I feel that something similar happened with the concept of The Devil. I won't go into all the history and all that, you can read about it in countless sources, and there are several versions to the story of how the Devil came to be.

My point for all of this rambling is that I believe things like "evil," and "The Devil" have gained power because of humanity's strong belief in them, but over time, if that belief decreases or ceases to exist, then those things will have a fate similar to that of Fred Krueger: Loss of power. If people stop dwelling on the bad things in the world, and focus on the positive, on helping others, etc., I believe that those bad things will slowly begin to dissolve and fade away. Many people don't believe that world peace is possible, but I think that someday it will be. That is basically the point of all this.

I apologize for rambling so much, but it's very hard for me to properly organize my thoughts right now. The temperature here has been unbearable and our house didn't get below the mid 80s all day. That makes it hard for me to think clearly.

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