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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Natural Witches

I hear this term a lot... Mostly I hear it from newbies and super young teens who still believe that the Craft is like, well, the movie The Craft. I never called myself a "natural Witch," but the first Witch I met did, then the next, then the next, and so on. I have NO idea why, to this day. I've asked and they've all just told me it was a feeling or something. Now, here's MY take on natural Witches, after a brief apology lol.  Sorry this is jumbled a little, I feel like total crap, but I wanted to get a new blog up.

I believe that natural Witches are no different from any other Witches for the most part. I think the only thing that sets them apart is a natural ability to put into practice the things that you learn about Witchcraft, such as energy manipulation. I also believe that EVERYONE can do most of these things. I think it just comes more naturally to natural Witches. You know how some people pick up playing an instrument like it's second nature to them, from the very beginning, while some other people struggle for years to get the basics down? Or how some people are really great at math without really trying? I think that being a "natural" Witch is similar to that. You just have a slight natural advantage in some areas. It doesn't mean that they ("natural" Witches) don't have to work to learn things, it just means that when putting things into practice it's a bit easier for them sometimes. 

I think I have been called a "natural" Witch because some things came so easily to me, such as Circle casting, manipulating energy and figuring out my own way of doing things for spells and the like. It doesn't mean I'm some sort of super Witch, I just got lucky in my opinion. Maybe it's just because I was exposed to the Craft at such a young age, who knows?


  1. Interesting thoughts...I always used to wonder about this as well: "what exactly makes a person a 'natural witch'?"

  2. Well said. I've also been called a natural witch. Its just the natural ability to learn the craft faster. It "clicks" for me faster than it would someone else. On the other hand, I'm certainly not a natural basketball player! People use to think I could play basketball because of my longer legs; until they saw me play that is! lol

  3. Okay I say I am a natural witch, I am a heredity witch. My grandmother was one and I am sure it runs in the family. My grandmother never let it out she was a witch, you just knew walking into her home and being in her yard she was one. She taught me so much as I grew up I never knew it was witchery until recently. I have always had a natural way of doing things and I never really caught on to what I had until recently. I knew I was a witch when I was about 15 years old, just never embraced it, I was young. Now that I am older I am finally embracing it and ready to take it full swing.
    I really enjoy this blog and you now have a new follower.