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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My reasons for some things

Hopefully this will be fairly brief and to the point lol. I know it's been about a week since I did a blog, and I feel like doing one now, before I try to get a little sleep.

First, I want to talk about spells. You will probably rarely, if ever, find any of my personal spells on this blog. I may give suggestions, but never a complete spell. I don't give out spells, unless it's something that I got elsewhere...which means there's only one that I would give out, and you can find it  countless other places. The ONLY spell I've ever used that was not originally mine is the New Moon Abundance Check spell. Someone from another website suggested it for me a  long time ago and I had great success with it. Since then, I've encountered it in many places, even one or two YouTube channels. Even with it, I tweaked some things a little bit. 

I don't like using spells that were written by other people. I don't feel any connection to them and I just have no desire to use them. I don't give them out because, A. I find it to be far too easy for people to acquire spells that they may not  even be ready for as it is so I do not wish to contribute, B. because I think it's important  to figure out how to write your own spells if you're going to practice Witchcraft, and C. I just don't want to share them. Call me selfish or whatever, I don't care. They are MY spells and I can decide whether or not I wish to distribute them. For some people, that's fine with them, but for me, I'm just not  ok with it (at least for now).

I've already explained why I keep things fairly casual with my rituals and whatnot, so I'll move on to Sabbat and Esbat celebrations. I don't celebrate them all. I might celebrate half of each during a good year. That's partially due to no planning well, but mostly it's because I've celebrated them all in the past, and now I just break out a ritual or something for the times I feel connected to, which are generally during fall and winter.  I celebrate Esbats more frequently, I suppose, but I celebrate the Full and DARK moons, instead of Full and New. Some argue they're the same things, but I personally feel that there are several different energies throughout the month, and I feel a difference between the times that the moon is invisible and becomes visible once more. Also, it seems like every time I plan something, something comes up to interfere (a cold, a wedding, etc.). I still recognize the  Sabbats and Esbats and try to meditate on those days about the theme and whatnot, but I only do something "special" if I feel called to do so.

I don't do spells very often. Or at least not "formal" spells, where I sit down and right it out, etc. Honestly, it probably couldn't hurt at all for me to do them more often, but I'm a bit stubborn and try to do everything by exclusively mundane ways (which doesn't always work out). I really don't know why I don't try using spells to help things along more often. Maybe it's partially because there  are so many young "newbies" out there who are just interested in spell work, and I don't want to feel like I'm being that way, or maybe it's a combination of a hundred reasons. Whatever it is, I still believe that magick should be used only when it's necessary. It isn't a toy.

I wear my pentacle every single day. I don't wear it to display my beliefs or anything, I wear it because I'm used to wearing it (like my wedding  band, which I wear less often than my pentacle necklace, but that's a long story) and because it reminds me of who I am, where I've been, and where I'm going. My necklace has  the phases of the moon, and in a way I feel it's also a sort of metaphor for life and the cycles we go through.

As always, suggestions are always welcome, as are comments.


  1. Personally, I would be creeped out by the idea of someone else using a ritual I had written. At least by posting it for anyone to find. If I gave it to an individual I knew, that would be fine. But just to put them out there? *shudder*

  2. I put some spells online. But I do expect the practitioner to only use it as inspiration to create their own. I know when I first started it was helpful to see examples. But I've always written my own as well.

  3. I've written very few of my own rituals and spells. I NEVER use another's spell, whether from website- book- or blog, without tweaking it, or all out reworking it, until it feels like its a reflection of myself. I do the same with rituals I find as well. I wish I could write all my own stuff... but honestly, I don't have the time I would like to do it. I'm with you on the celebrations too. I'm always aware of the current phase of the moon... but I don't always feel the need to whip out my full on ritual gear and do my own all-out ritual. I typically give recognition, and if need be will use what ever energy there is in whatever it is I might need it for. Very informal. Same goes for rituals. I take note of the purpose and work with it throughout my home over a long period of time... not just one day. Anyhoo... those are my takes... loved the entry...