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Friday, July 1, 2011

Hekate/Hecate Followers

 This isn't an informational blog about the Goddess Hecate, it's just me voicing some things I've noticed. 

When I first began working with Her a couple of years ago, I was met with all sorts of negativity from other Pagans and Witches. It seemed like nearly every person I discussed the topic with thought I was insane for working with a dark and mysterious Goddess, and that resulted in my also being labeled a "fluffy bunny" (if you've read my blog, you know how much I despise that term anyway) because I was following a Goddess that I obviously couldn't know anything about and must have chosen Her out of convenience of the Greek pantheon. First of all, I didn't choose Her, SHE chose ME. I was terrified of dark and crone Goddesses before I started working with Cerridwen a few years ago, and then Hecate started showing up in my dreams and "vision quests" (for lack of a better term). It scared the shit out of me! All I'd heard about Her before then was negativity. 

After a lot of meditating and all sorts of other means to figure things out, I put on my big girl panties and cast a Circle and did a ritual (which I rarely do), and invited Hecate to join me. I INSTANTLY felt a presence with me, which caught me off guard. I'd never felt anything like it. And thus my relationship with Her began...

Now, a couple of years later, there's all the hype about "Nocturnal Witchcraft" and the like, plus the Hellenic Recons, etc., and suddenly, I see people popping up everywhere that claim Her as their "Matron Goddess" and the like. Really? Now that Konstantinos and whoever else has become so popular, NOW it's ok to follow Hecate, but when I first started it was taboo? What the fuck is with that?

Don't get me wrong here, I mean no offense to those who also work with Her! I'm just very confused about why it's suddenly acceptable, after I met so much hatred about it. I know I wasn't the first "neo-Pagan" to work with Her, but sheesh! They're like coming out of the woodwork now! I don't know how many of them are serious, and how many are just trying for shock value or whatever, but I know I've come across several from each category.

Hecate isn't the only dark Goddess that I've observed this happening with, but She's the one that really hits home with me. I just hope that with all of this new interest in the dark Goddesses and crone Goddesses, fewer "newbies" are swayed from following the call from one, and there's less confusion and fear in the future, concerning those Goddesses who have been so misunderstood.


  1. Oh, here's another common issue I run into, especially with newer Witches. This fear of Hecate and other Dark and Crone Goddesses. All of these people who're obsessed with Light and "white" magik. UGH! Drives me nuts. Those who are afraid of balance. You can't have balance without accepting the darkness, which isn't evil. Another common misconception!

    Personally, I've learned so much from Crone. I don't fear her, but have a deep respect for her and her slap-you-in-the-face teachings. Just like the Full Moon, I'm sure to honor the New Moon as well. To harness her gifts to better myself.

    I see it as you were ahead of the curve. Most people are like cattle. And others won't evolve until they've experienced the darkness for themselves--until they've broken those chains and open their minds to the lessons that can be learned from Crone and the other Dark Goddesses. Fearing the dark isn't healthy and won't aid you in growth; it's amazing what one can pull away from mistakes.

    Hecate isn't part of my pantheon, but I've seen in her dreams. I respect her and what she represents. You're Many Blessings. ~)O(~

  2. I adore Hecate and I find nothing wrong with working with her and I'm really quite surprised to hear that it was such a taboo. o.O I mean, sure, I don't think that one just works flippantly with her, but she can teach you a lot when one has the balls to do so. She's the Dark Mother who has little patience for bullshit.

    She's very fair and doesn't take sides, especially when dealing with an issue regarding the seeking of justice and, from what I understand from people that work with her like you do, she packs a wollop LoL

    I think Hecate is awesome and I think you're awesome for working with Her even when it was the "cool thing" to do. ^_^

  3. Hekate comes and makes her presence known when the witch is ready to be more than at basic learning. She picks you, as you found out:)

    More and more witches are evolving to this, hence Hecate has been guiding them to their next steps.

  4. I must admit that I used to be a white witch that was terrified of black magick and any of the dark/Crone goddess. But, I did not choose Hecate, Hecate CHOSE ME. And, her presence is strong. She is here with me now. She led me her to find followers of her that were like me. She has told me that I must leave behind the path of a white witch and become a gray witch. So, I have. Hecate is my Crone Goddess and she is very demanding and she is my Dark Mother whom I love very very much. She is very powerful and she does not have time for ignorance.

    She told me to start a business in her name. A business that offers psychic readings. It is called Hecate's Cartomancy.

    Everything that I do is in honor of her. Her presence is so strong her, because I just got finished evoking her. Here is the link:


    I have had people tell me that as I was giving them the reading they felt Hecate's presence. I want to share that with you.

    I do channel Hecate in all of my readings, as well as invoke/evoke her.

    Please come order a reading at Hecate's Cartomancy. http://hecatescartomancy.weebly.com/index.html

    Hecate has a message for you! )O(

    Dark Blessings to all!

  5. I also "work" (more like trying to figure it all out) with Hecate. She has called to me and you don't ignore her call. I have a twitter page www.twitter.com/FriendsOfHecate

  6. This is rather strange!! Recently I have became very interested in Great Goddess Hecate I am on my own spiritual path I believe many things but I am not a worshiper but for some reason I won't mind to worship Goddess Hecate I am not good with rituals and never done it before but I will give it a try for Goddess Hecate.

  7. This is rather strange!! Recently I have became very interested in Great Goddess Hecate I am on my own spiritual path I believe many things but I am not a worshiper but for some reason I won't mind to worship Goddess Hecate I am not good with rituals and never done it before but I will give it a try for Goddess Hecate.

  8. I'm in a pagan group on Facebook with a young woman who is Hellbent on working with Hecate. While this is amazing news, the woman child is taking short cuts and is impulsive in her choice under Hecate's tutelage despite elders in the group warning her to take a step back, breathe and wait. Hecate did not choose her, rather she saw her name in another group and suddenly dropped her patron deity Cernnunos to leap blindly head first at Hecate.
    To me, that's one of the lowest forms of disrespect. How do I get her to see that this is a bad idea?