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Monday, June 20, 2011

Binding and Protection (My Views)

I started thinking about these things because of a situation a friend is in, and I wanted to post a new blog. Quick update on why I've been MIA: We have 3 more kittens, and I've been bottle feeding one because mama abandoned him, but he's gaining weight now, wobble-walking, etc. and doing much better. Sorry if this isn't perfect, I'm exhausted. And yes, I already know that there are plenty of people out there who will disagree with me on this, etc. Feel free, we are all entitled to our own opinions.

If you start thinking about doing a binding spell/ritual, really think about what you're doing and why. Someone breaking up with you or pissing you off in some other way is NOT a reason to bind that person. Binding is some serious shit and you need to know that it's the right course of action and carefully think it all out before you do it. This goes hand in hand with protection magick, in my opinion. If someone is threatening you, or if someone has harmed you (as  in an abusive relationship or something like that), by all means cast a spell to protect yourself and anyone else who may be harmed, but also take the mundane (non-magickal) steps necessary to protect yourself, such as a restraining order.

If you've done all of that, and you still feel that you are in danger (still being threatened, etc.), then you may consider a binding.  Binding should be a last resort step, though, and take every precaution you can to ensure that you will not be harming the person intentionally or seriously screwing with  their free will. A lot of people think that binding is wrong because it always screws with free will, but so does protection, if you think about it. If someone WANTS to harm you, and you do something to prevent that (even throwing a punch in self-defense or something), you're harming them AND screwing up what THEY WANTED to do.

Today a non-Witch friend of mine asked me to do a binding spell for her. It's a long story, and I normally do not do spells for other people, but I've seen a lot of this relationship she just got out of and I was friends with both parties. In fact, I did a binding on him in the past because he was threatening ME, but it was recently broken because he seemed to be doing better (he had been in therapy). So, now she has asked me to basically re-do it because of what happened. I agreed because he's been known to get physical (and I heard from other people who were there when the shit hit the fan that he DID get physical with her, but she hasn't said he did), and I'm worried about my friend and their two young children.  She has a protective order against him, but he already violated it once  and went to jail, and she doesn't know when he'll be getting out.

I digress...

Choose your words very carefully, and once again I have to stress  the importance of doing all you can in every other way before resorting to binding. As with any other spell, be prepared for karmic consequences.


  1. personally, I fully understand and agree with everything you've said, and coming from someone that's been there (more times than i'd care to remember)that taking the nonmagical route doesn't always produce. i have family working in the defense departments some of which are police officers and they've pulled me aside and urged me to excersise my rights to defend myself as the system will only respond AFTER the incident has occured, and quite frankly.. i may be dead by then. the extra magical boosts and me becoming a protection magic nut helped me greatly through those trying times. my point is simply that magic can help you survive and evade trouble, but it's only an aide. you can't rely on it to do all the work. it's merely the tool and you have to help it along, such as utilizing the non-magical resources.

  2. Since you are thinking this through for the good of all, I see no problem with it. It can only help, right?