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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Received

And it turns out that it works if you're taking care of a human infant or bottle feeding a kitten lol.

"Sleep when the baby sleeps!"

I have to add that even if you can't actually sleep, at least try to rest.  For the past couple of days I've been getting up every 2-4 hours to feed a kitten and boy does it bring back nursing my daughter memories lol. Thankfully Munchkin seems to be doing a lot better now. When I found him, he was about 2 weeks old and still within newborn weight range (he weighed about 116 grams) and very, very weak. He was thankfully not too weak to eat, though, so I've been feeding him from a dropper. He still isn't gaining a ton of weight, but he's up to about 122g now and he's wobble walking and pooping (he wasn't pooping when we first started feeding him, and he could barely hold his head up).

I just felt like sharing what's been going on the past few days and bragging a little about my new little baby. I think he likes me lol. When my husband tries to feed him and stuff, if he hears my voice he starts squirming trying to move towards me :) He also purrs when I hold him or pet him, now, which is the cutest thing ever! I'll post a picture of him soon.


  1. Ain't that the absolute truth! I remember when my daughter was born and I was on maternity leave, my husband said "Why don't you clean a little while the baby sleeps?" I laughed in his face. XD He got my meaning after just one day watching me take care of her. ;)

  2. Also, Follow Your Instincts, or your Gut. If you ignore that gut instinct, you will almost always regret it! Love the Sleep when the Baby sleeps, as that applies when they are sick as they get older too!
    I love your blog! Keep it up- you are fabulous!