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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be Your OWN Damn Witch!

Yes, this is a mini-rant.
I am SO sick of seeing Witches post their spells or rituals or talk about them and they're almost carbon copies of something from a book or other source. Seriously? You can't create your own spells, rituals, chants, etc.? There's someone on YouTube, fairly popular I think, that has done so many videos on things from other people and not given credit. If you are going to use work by someone else, at least give them credit for it. I know, I know, we're all human and make mistakes, yadda yadda. Hell, I'm sure that at some point I've probably done it while talking or something, but I try to remember where things came from and give credit where it's due. 

I personally don't use spells of others, but I use them as jumping off points for my own when I need ideas sometimes. I think that's great when you hit a block mentally, but is it really necessary to copy something in it's entirety? I'm not talking about things like stones, crystals, colors, moon phases, etc. because that stuff is everywhere. I still think that if you copy it, you need to give credit, but that stuff isn't really original now that everyone and his dog has it.

Basically, just come up with some of your own freaking ideas for things! Books are great, videos are great, the internet is great, but use that thing inside your skull every now and then, geez.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spells for Any Moon Phase

I'm writing this blog because of a block that I had recently with spell writing, so bear with me if I ramble or something. I'm kind of sick today, but I'll try to keep this as "to the point" as possible. 

You get this idea for a great spell. As an example, let's say that it's a spell to help with financial trouble, like bringing money into your life. But, the moon is waning when you want to do the spell. Well, you could wait until the moon was new again, or waxing, or you could rework the spell to suit the current moon phase. 

In this scenario, instead of working to bring money into your life, you should rework the spell to decrease your debt or financial burdens.

Any spell can be worked during any phase of the moon, you just have to figure out how to make it work with the phase. Right now, I'm working on a spell to cut ties with someone who nearly destroyed my life. I came up with a perfect spell, but I won't be able to work it (as is) for nearly a month, so I'm trying to rework it now for the waxing moon that's coming up soon (it was written for the waning phase, and certain details won't work for this month). You just have to look at it from every perspective and figure out other ways to accomplish your intentions.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Fluffy Bunnies"

Ok, this is something that has pissed me off for a while, so I'm going to rant about it. 

First of all, I do not like the term at all. I think it's rude, judgmental, hateful, childish, etc. when used the way it normally is (to describe younger, or newer Witches who don't start their practice by reading Gardner, the Farrars, etc., or to describe someone who doesn't do things the way others think they should). Just because someone likes certain books or doesn't do things the way you like does not mean that they aren't serious about their path/religion/faith/practice, whatever you want to call it.

Everyone has to start somewhere and I guarantee that if you stick 10 Witches together, they will ALL have their own unique way of doing things, even if some things are very similar or even nearly identical. There will still be SOME difference in the way they think or do things.

And for those who bitch about authors like Silver Ravenwolf, have you ever stopped to think that some people just enjoy her style of writing, or maybe those were the only books they could get their hands on to begin their quest? Not everyone enjoys reading the Farrar's or Buckland's work. Quite frankly, I know quite a few Witches who find them very dry, boring, and not very relevant to their own paths (myself included). Are their books useful for some things? Sure, they can be. Are they the ONLY sources for information? No. In case you haven't noticed because you were too busy passing judgment, pretty much all intro to Witchcraft books say the same thing in different words. Compare them sometime.

If I were to use the term "fluffy bunny," I would use it to describe those who ONLY seek out ONE source for their information, never use any of their own material, and just go through the motions and never actually take things seriously. I would not even call those who "get into" Witchcraft for the shock value "fluffy bunnies," because they aren't even trying to commit to it, usually, and it's really just a phase or experiment, and sometimes, it turns into something real. Have you met a "Christian" that claimed the title, went to church, read their Bible, etc., but they had no real faith or conviction? Translate that into a "Witch" and you have what I would define as a "fluffy bunny." I still hate the term and I don't use it, but if someone had a gun to my head and told me to define the term, that's what I would say.

And for those of you who use the term regularly and then also bitch about Christians or whoever being judgmental, you really need to take a look in the mirror because you're doing the same thing.

Seriously, grow up and stop the name calling already. If you meet someone or talk about someone that you would like to call a "fluffy bunny," think before you speak. Is it really that hard to just smile or nod and just walk away from the situation?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

To summon, stir or call?

I have never been a big fan of calling quarters, but recently I took on a student in real life, and I have some online students, so I decided to delve back into this "basic" topic and refresh myself. 

So, what's the difference between the three?

First things First
So, we first need to figure out what exactly  you'll be calling into your presence or Circle while you're working.

Elements- These are the things that you can see, feel, smell, etc. in your regular life: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. They offer the power of their element.

Elementals- These are the spirits or guardians of the four elements: Salamanders (Fire), Sylphs (Air), Undines (Water) and Gnomes (Earth) These are not from this world, they live in the spirit world. These spirits offer the power of their element as well as their additional power. They're not big bad asses, but they aren't mundane creatures, either. They can think, they may appear different to different people, and they are made up only of the element they represent.

Fairies- Ok, I don't know a lot about the different cultural myths involving fairies, and I don't work with them in magick, so I'll pass on explaining all of this. If you are interested in fairy work, I suggest that you do some research first. Fairies can be nasty little buggers.

Dragons- The information that you'll find about dragons will vary because of cultural differences. Basically, they are one of the big guns that you bring in ONLY when you REALLY need some tough extra help (like in an emergency). They are very old, and very powerful. 

Ancestors- These are your actual flesh and blood ancestors, or those from your family's country of origin (such as Ireland, Scandinavia, Africa,  Japan, etc.). They are old, they deserve respect, and they are also considered "big guns."

Angels- Ok, come on. Who doesn't know what an angel is? 

Watchtowers- These are the seriously big, tough guys. They stand guard and can be very vicious. 

Totems- These are animals that are associated with the different directions.

Deities- These are Gods and Goddesses that can be worked into quarter calls for each direction.

To Summon
You summon things that aren't extremely powerful, or don't really need to think much. You have to be able to control them and their energy (not in a negative way, but you have to be able to tell them exactly where they need to be and what they need to be doing).  You would summon Elements, Watchtowers and Elementals. Before you begin, you need to also know where you want to put whatever you are summoning (inside or outside your Circle) and what it/they will be doing (guarding, contributing, etc.). If you want protection for your Circle, they should be outside. If you want their help, they should be inside.

To Stir
You gently stir things that are much older and more powerful than you, such as Dragons and ancestors. This means that you politely ask them to join you. Again, you need to know if they will be guarding or helping you.

To Call
You call deities and angelic beings. Again, this means that you politely ask them to join you for your ritual.

You need to remember what order you summoned, stirred or called because when you release, you need to release in reverse order (if you started with north and end with west, you would release beginning with west and ending with north).

Do NOT EVER summon or stir or call anything that you feel uncomfortable trying to control. You have to be able to tell these things where to be and what to do without fear. 

And remember that this is a very basic explanation with very little info. I recommend looking up these things in books and online and cross referencing things before you try anything new. 

You don't need to wake up a dragon because you stubbed a toe or failed a quiz.  You don't have to summon, stir, or call anything if you don't want to.

I got new books

I know, I know... I've already done one post about books I recommend, but I've bought more since then.

I got :
Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook 2011. I love this so far. It is the best of both worlds (a cross between a date book and an almanac), and so informative.

Everyday Moon Magic by Dorothy Morrison. This book is great. I absolutely love it!

Shamanic Astrology by Lucy Harmer. This is a really informative book and I really enjoy it.

The Sabbats by Edain McCoy. I really like this book so far, but I haven't really read much from it yet. It's been highly recommended to me, and I'm really glad I bought it.

I also recently bought a Kindle. I have so many books and not enough room, so I broke down and got one. I have about 120 books on it, and only two of those are Pagan related because I usually HAVE to have a physical copy of my Pagan books. I underline, highlight, tab and flip through those books so much it's just not practical to have a Kindle edition unless I have to. That being said, for Kindle I have:

Llewellyn's Spell-a-Day Almanac. I've had this almanac before and I love it. This year, I bought a physical copy of Llewellyn's Magical Almanac which I also really like, but the calendar section is very tiny, so I also got my Spell-a-Day.

The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams by Theresa Cheung. I like this so far. I keep my Kindle beside my bed and look up my dreams in the morning. I recommend it if you're interested in dream interpretation.