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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday Correspondences: Week 2

The metal that corresponds to Fridays is copper which is associated with the planet Venus and the element Water. Copper is a receptive and warm metal, thought to be lucky and encourages and draws love into your life.

Stones and crystals associated with Friday are:
Emerald- This is a receptive ston, corresponding to Venus and Earth, and metals associated with it are copper and silver. Emeralds are thought to improve memory and clairvoyant abilities, and when they are worn, they promote love and happiness.

Coral- Coral is associated with Aphrodite and Venus, the planet Venus and the  element Water. Coral has been used for thousands of years and  the ancient Romans believed that when children wore coral beads it protected them and healed wounds.  Folklore says that coral earrings were once worn to attract men, so if you're looking for some romance, give it a shot.
Amber- A healing stone linked to the Goddess Freya, the Sun and Fire. It can be used for promoting beauty and strength, as well as fertility, love, prosperity, protection and personal power increasing magick.

Rose quartz- This is a pink quartz  stone that corresponds with the sun and the Moon, as well as the elements Fire and Water. It's thought to be receptive, which helps in attracting things such as joy, harmony, love, comfort in a romantic relationship, and love for yourself. It also makes a nice friendship gift. One of my close friends got married over the summer and shortly before the wedding she began to have trouble sleeping and she and her fiancĂ©e were arguing a lot about minor things, so I gave her a rough rose quartz and a tumbled amethyst and things settled down a bit for her.

Thursday Correspondences: Week 2

The metal associated with Thursday  is tin, which is linked to Jupiter and the element Air. The energy is projective and pulls in good luck and prosperity. 

Some stones & crystals associated with Thursdays are:

Amethyst- Amethyst is a type of quartz and comes in several shades, from a pinkish lavender to a deep purple  with reddish tones. This stone corresponds to both Jupiter and Neptune, and is associated with the element of water. It is thought to be a spiritual stone and bring peace. Some believe that it corresponds to Spirit as well, and also the crown chakra. Amethysts can enhance precognitive dreams and strengthen intuitive skills. This stone is great for relieving stress when carried or worn, and I personally like to use it to help me sleep and relieve headaches by holding it while I fall asleep or holding it to my head to ease the headache.

Sapphire- This stone also falls into alignment with the energies of Thursdays because it's known for prosperity and money spells. These stones are also protective, and can be used for healing magick.

Turquoise- This stone is associated with the element Earth and is used to promote prosperity, ensure wealth, and it increases intuitive abilities/empathic qualities. It is a symbol of love and friendship, and is a luck, money and healing drawing stone which guards against danger and illness. In lore, if the stone breaks it's a sign to keep your eyes open for possible risk. Turquoise also promotes courage.

Wednesday Correspondences: Week 2

Sorry it  took me so long to get all these blogs up guys. I've been sick since the weekend and I didn't feel up to editing. Then I started having issues with posting. Stupid blogger errors, grrr. 

The metal associated with Wednesdays is quicksilver, or mercury. Mercury is both receptive and projective, and, big surprise, is associated with the planet Mercury. This metal is linked to the elements Earth, Air and Water. It's connected with three because: its weight ties it to Earth, being liquid ties it to Water, and the rolling movements ties it to Air. Mercury is VERY toxic! Do not handle it!

Stones linked to Wednesdays are:

Opal- Opals are associated with all the elements. It is thought that wearing opals increases psychic powers, boosts self-esteem and bring your inner beauty to the surface, and opals can also aid astral projection ad psychic work.

Aventurine- The element associated with aventurine is Air and it has a projective energy. It is also associated with the God Mercury and has  may of the same attributes. Aventurine is considered a gambler's stone and can help bring in money  luck quickly. This stone comes in a variety of colors, such as a pal and creamy green, peach, brown and blue. Carrying a green aventurine can promote prosperity, good luck and success. It is also believed to calm emotions, boost creativity, and speed healing.

Agate- Agate comes in many shades and colors, and the overall associations for magickal workings are for strengthening memory and providing stamina to the wearer. It may also help with good sleep, chasing away nightmares. Wearing agates is thought to energize you, but also keep you calm and centered. Some varieties of agate:

Banded agate- Associated with Fire, it has a projective energy which radiates out and around you. This is a readily available protective stone.

Blue lace agate- Linked with the element of Water, this crystal has receptive energies useful or de-stressing and riding a home of negativity and psychic garbage.

Brown agate- This stone is associated with Fire and is a projective stone useful for carrying for magickal protection. It is  also thought to be an amulet for success, wealth, prosperity and accomplishment.

Green agate- The association for this stone is Earth and is considered to be a receptive stone, used for healing and fertility spells.

Moss agate- Also associated with Earth and  a receptive stone. This stone is useful for green/garden magick and Witchery, as well as herbalism and is considered to be a gardener's stone. Wearing it can help you get your energy back from a difficult day, and magickally it is used for luck, longevity and prosperity.

Red agate- This is a projective stone associated with Fire, and is useful as a healing and shielding stone. A folk name for red agate is blood agate because it was thought to purify the blood, which would make it a good stone for healing magick to rid the body of infection.

Tuesday Correspondences: Weeks 1 & 2

I know I didn't get the blog up for Tuesday, week 1, last week so I'm adding week 2 to the end of this post.

Week 1

Tuesdays are associated with the planet Mars, and the Roman God of the same name, and the planetary symbol is: http://www.astroroom.com/mars-glyph.png

Tuesdays got their name from the Norse Deity Tyr, Tiw or Tiu, a God of battles and courage. The planetary influence of Tuesdays brings aggression, bravery and honor, as well as strength and passion for fighting for a cause.

Some Deities associated with Tuesdays are: Mars, Tyr/Tiw and Lilith.

The colors for Tuesday include red, black, scarlet, orange, white, gray and maroon.

Magickal work fit for Tuesdays include spells for passion, courage, aggression and protection.

Week 2

The metal connected with Tuesday is iron, a projective element associated with the planet Mars and the element Fire. Wrought iron candleholders can easily incorporate this metal in your Tuesday magickal work, and old iron nails  can be used in spells for protection to confuse your enemies, guard your property, and boost your personal power. Also, cast iron cauldrons, though traditionally viewed as a symbol of the Goddess, because of the metal it's created with, it is also connected to Mars.

Stones associated with Tuesdays are:

Garnet- These stones are linked with the element Fire and they are projective stones, which are good to carry with you if you will be exerting yourself physically. Garnets are thought to enhance strength and endurance. Though the most common garnet color is a dark red, they may also be found in pink, orange, yellow, green, purple and basically any shade besides blue. Garnets can help strengthen your aura and boost your self esteem, and wearing it can give  you a "don't mess with me" vibe.  Garnets are also useful for grounding, getting rid of nightmares, and protection.

Bloodstone- Bloodstones are associated with the elements Earth and Fire. These are great stones for healing rituals, courage, physical health and endurance. Bloodstones can be used to promote a healthy and safe pregnancy, and to keep you injury free if you play sports or workout regularly. They can be useful in reminding you t o not push yourself to hard (physically) and while wearing or carrying a bloodstone you may feel a boost in courage, and/or find yourself more even-tempered and calm.

Ruby- These stones are linked with the element Fire and are stones of love, wealth and power. Wearing rubies can increase your personal protection, promote happiness, healing, and keep your attitude more positive. Rubies are thought to add some oomph to powers set in motion by spells, and help your spells work out as well and quickly as possible.

Red Jasper- This stone is also associated with the element Fire, and the planet Mars. Red jasper is useful for protection and defensive magick, and it encourages healing. Some women  use this stone to enhance their personal appearance by charming jasper beads or the tumbled stones. Jasper is thought to deflect negativity, spells, and manipulation and return it to the sender.

Monday Correspondences: Weeks 1 & 2

I swear I typed up a blog for Monday week 1 and now I don't know where it is. Weird. I knew Tuesday never got posted, so I'll just combine weeks 1 & 2 for it as well. No idea what happened with Monday, though. Hmmm...

Week 1:
Monday is associated with the Moon and the planetary symbol is: http://metempyrion.org/img/symbols/symbols_sun_moon_planets_moon_quarter.png

A few deities associated with Mondays are Mani, Thoth, Selene and Meness. 

Colors associated with Mondays include white, silver, pale blue

Mondays have a feminine energy  because of the association of the Moon to the Goddess, and these are great days for working with lunar energies. Magickal work for Mondays can include working on psychic abilities, spells for healing, psychic awareness, peace, compassion, friends, fertility, purification and sleep.

Week 2:

The metal associated with Monday is silver. Silver is a receptive metal linked with the lunar Goddess energies. It is the metal of emotions, magick, peace, and psychic abilities.

Stones associated with Mondays are:

Quartz crystals: I can not speak enough about the versatility of quartz crystals. They are among my personal favorites because they're basically an "all-purpose" crystal (like white candles can be used for any work). Quartz crystals are connected to the Moon and the Sun, and have both masculine (God) and feminine (Goddess)-- projective and receptive-- energies, and they're associated with the fifth element, Spirit.

Pearl- Pearls are associated with the element Water and are considered to be receptive and a symbol of the Moon. Pearls are one of those things that the ethics of use are debated about (just like leather) since the oyster that formed the pearl has to be killed to get the pearl. If you already own pearls, or have no qualms about using them, you can use them for Moon magick. They're often used, also, for Goddess magick, women's magick, and fertility and good fortune workings.

Saphire- Blue sahpires are associated with the element Water. Blue is the more common color, however there are other colors as well, such as yellow, pink, purple, green and orange. There are no red sapphires because rubies are considered red sapphires, and rubies and sapphires are often found together with one color being more dominant than the other. This stone is used in magick for protection, sorcery and healing. Sapphire jewelry can increase your psychic abilities, and blue sapphires are thought to be love stones. Worn while meditating, a sapphire can increase divine knowledge, and they can also increase spirituality.

Moonstone- Obviously this stone had to make the cut for a stone associated with Mondays, the day of the Moon. These stones are linked to the Moon and the sea, it is a receptive stone, and the elemental association is Water. Moonstones are used in all types of Moon magick. Wearing moonstones can increase your psychic awareness, so if you're already sensitive you might want to consider limiting your contact with the stone. I personally love my moonstones and use them frequently when I want to turn up my psychic abilities, even though I am empathic. For some people, carrying or wearing moonstone frequently can lead to a psychic overload, though, so use your own judgment. Moonstones are useful for spells for increasing your psychic abilities and boosting empathy, safe travel, gardening and self-awareness. It's a classic Goddess stone, and I like to carry a piece with me in my travel altar to symbolize Divine Feminine energy during spells or rituals on the go. I also use moonstones during mentruation because I've (personally) found that it eases my cramps. I typically keep a moonstone, quartz crystal and amethyst handy on especially painful months to relax me, ease the pain, as well as tap into the extra boost of intuition and psychic awareness my time of the month brings to me.

Sunday Correspondences: Week 2

The metal associated with Sunday is Gold. Gold is associated with the energies of the Sun, as well as with Sun Deities and energies thought to be "regal" or "majestic." Gold is thought to have powers associated with health, prosperity, wisdom, success, prosperity and wisdom, and it's thought that wearing gold promotes a long life. Gold also has a masculine energy, and wearing gold can boost your personal power and confidence. If you wear silver and gold it can help bring balance into your life and maagickal work.

Stones associated with Sundays are:

Carnelian- Is associated with the element Fire, and colors range from pink to orange and red. It's used for protection, courage, sexuality and healing, and it can help you focus on your life path and make  good decisions. Carnelian aids in the removal of doubts and negativity, and it's positivity keeps you moving ahead. This is a good stone to work with when doing magickal work involving your career.

Tiger's Eye- This is a very useful stone to have on hand (it's one of my favorites). Tiger's Eye is associated with Fire and is useful for protection, bravery, prosperity and luck. I like carrying Tiger's Eye  with me while traveling, or going out at night alone, and I've also incorporated it into magick worked for protection and courage.

Quartz Crystal- Quartz crystals can be receptive and projective, and embody both masculine and feminine energies. Quartz is associated with both Fire and Water. Quartz are thought to intensify the energies of other stones and crystals, as well as your own personal power. Wearing a point or carrying with you can

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Correspondences: Week 2

This week I want to talk about stones and metals associated with the days of the week. Just for the record, I have not and will not claim that this series is going to cover every possible association for the days of the week! That would take years for me to do and that isn't the point of this series. So...

One metal associated with Saturdays is Lead. Lead, being toxic, isn't recommended for magickal use these days.

Stones and crystals associated with Saturdays are dark ones, going back to the color correspondences for Saturdays. I'm not going to go into great detail about these because I'm working on a stones/crystals page, so once that's finished I'll link to that page. Some stones associated with Saturday are:

Obsidian- Obsidian is a naturally occurring glass that forms when lava cools very quickly and there is very little crystal growth. Obsidian is associated with the element Fire and the planet Saturn. Obsidian is a good stone to help you ground and center, and it's also useful in spells for protection magick and getting rid of negative energy.

Black Tourmaline- Black tourmaline is also associated with Saturn, but it's elemental correspondence is Earth. This stone is good for absorbing negativity and protection from psychic and emotional vampires. Basically, it creates a psychic barrier.

Hematite- This stone is one of my personal favorites. (Actually, come to think of it, these first three are some of my favorites!) It's an excellent stone for grounding and calming. It's good for stabilizing energies, but wearing it or carrying it with you frequently can also cause you to be more receptive of feelings and impressions from other people, so beware if you're already sensitive to these things. However, if you need to be more open and levelheaded, wearing it or carrying it around with you could be beneficial. Hematite is associated with the element Fire and the planet Saturn. It can also be used for emotional healing, such as bridging a rift between lovers or friends.

Jet- This stone is associated with the element Earth, and also Spirit, and it's planetary correspondence is Saturn. Jet absorbs negative energies, so if you have some, you could place it in a room of your home to absorb any anger, frustration, etc. You can also keep it in your bedroom to promote good sleep and keep away nightmares.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Is anyone participating this year? If you don't know what NaNoWriMo is, here's the gist of it: It's a challenge to write a novel in...30 days!  That's write (<hehe, sorry, couldn't resist), a 50,000 word novel beginning on November 1st, 2011 and ending at 11:59PM on November 30th, 2011. If you're interested, you can still enter! It's really cool and there are tons of awesome things on their website, including forums, inspirational messages, etc. So, if you're interested, check out the NaNoWriMo website and get writing!

I admit that I "cheated" a little. I had never heard of NaNoWriMo before November 2nd (yes, 11/02/2011), but I had already written about 5,000 words in the book that I'm working on. When I heard about NaNo, I decided it might be the push I needed to finish my book. I started writing again last night and now my word count is over 11,000! I'm stoked!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Correspondences: Week 1

Friday is said to be named after Freya and/or Frigga, the Norse Goddesses of love. People have debated which Goddess the day was really named after, but I'll get into that in a later blog. The planet associated with Fridays is Venus, and the planetary symbol is: http://www.sheetudeep.com/images/astrology/venus.gif

Fridays are traditionally days for love, romance, fertility and beauty magick, as well as for working magick for happiness, a peaceful home, friendship and reconciliations.

Colors associated with Fridays include: Pink, aqua green, white, rose, coral and purple.

Deities associated with Friday include Freya & Frigga, Eros, and Aphrodite/Venus. We'll get into a more detailed explanation of each of these deities as the weeks progress. For now, I want to keep things limited and basic, then with some things I'll expand on them in later blogs.

Thursday Correspondences: Week 1

Thursday was named for Jove, or Jupiter from the Roman pantheon, and the planetary correspondence for Thursday is, of course, Jupiter. The planetary symbol for Jupiter is: http://www.astroroom.com/jupiter-glyph.png

Jove/Jupiter was associated with leadership, thunder and lightening, and wealth. Other associations for Thursday and Jupiter are: prosperity and abundance, good health, leadership and generosity and expansion.

Colors associated with Thursdays include: green, white, purple, crimson, turquoise, green and royal blue.

Thursday is a good day for magickal work involving prosperity and abundance, but that doesn't necessarily mean monetary gain and having flashy new toys. It can be abundance of good health, happiness, etc. This would also be a good time to do some magickal work involving your budget, though, such as eliminating spur of the moment purchases.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Correspondences: Week 1

I didn't forget Tuesday altogether! I typed it, saved it (intending to edit it later) and then forgot to come back! So, Tuesday is saved for next week :(

The planet that corresponds with Wednesday is Mercury, and the planetary symbol is: http://solarempire.co.uk/images/MercurySymbol.gif

Some Deities associated with Wednesday are Mercury/Hermes, Odin/Wodin and Athena.

Colors for Wednesday include: Yellow, orange, brown, purple, topaz and white.

Magickal work for Wednesdays are those which will work well with the energies of Mercury, such as: communication, intelligence, study, travel, creativity, and wisdom.  Wednesday is an excellent time to do magick centered around improving skills (whether they be in business, art, communications, etc.), seeking wisdom (possibly through divination), and changing your circumstances.

Monday, October 31, 2011


I've decided to dress up a little and go out tonight. There's absolutely nothing to do anywhere near here, even for Halloween, but  I bought a pretty mask a few weeks ago and dammit I'm going to wear it! Even if it's only to go to Taco Bell or Walmart lol.

Then I'll be renting Scream 4 (yay free rental!) to finish my Scream marathon, try to watch RHPS with the husband, and then ritual and divination time! I'll try to get in Monday's first week correspondences, too.

I might post some pictures of my altar, "costume," and the like later, as well. Now I'm off to copy my ritual for tonight in one place (it's on like four separate pages right now lol) and start dinner. Yummy pumpkin soup, followed by my awesome pumpkin pie bread.

Blessed Samhain!

I'm sure there are billions of blog posts and videos and the like popping up all over the place, but I'm abstaining from posting about rituals, lore, etc. this year. Maybe next year I'll do something for each Sabbat, but this year I've been working on creating my own rituals and the like, and I just didn't have time.

Speaking of rituals... I rarely, and I mean VERY rarely do a ritual. I don't even observe all the Sabbats. But, Samhain has always been very special to me, so this year I'm going all out. I've just spent the past 2 hours or so working on my ritual (between baking my pumpkin pie bread and watching horror movies lol) and I'm still not satisfied. I'm just not much of a ritual person. I understand and respect their purpose, but I have to really feel a strong pull to actually sit down and write out a ritual and then do it. And even when I do do that, I usually end up improvising here and there because my already written down actions and words just don't feel quite right in the moment.

And I don't know if it's the energy of this time of year (which always seems to energize me and "recharge my batteries) or what, but I have been in super "edit and revise BOS" mode the past few days. Maybe it's because my awesome Ravenclaw quill and the ink I ordered are now on their way to me, though, so I'll be starting my "permanent" BOS soon, yay! I don't care if you guys think I'm a total nerd/geek/etc. for my love of Harry Potter, those books got me through my childhood and they are very special to me. So, I will be posting a small blog when I get my quill, showing it off. Then, when I start writing in my beautiful BOS (<click to see the blog post) my husband got me for Mother's Day, I'll show it off again, too.

Ok, I'm rambling now, so I should probably cut this off now. I just wanted to write and wish everyone a blessed Samhain. If you've posted a blog about Samhain and you'd like me to link to it, feel free to comment with the link. Or, feel free to share anything you'd like to about Samhain (what your plans were/are, how you celebrated, etc.), I'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Correspondences: Week 1

Sunday is "the day of the sun." By the relationship of the Sun to the God, the energies of Sundays are masculine in nature. Sundays are good days for "me" time. When you think about the Sun and it's light shining on you, what comes to mind? Sundays brings the solar energies into our lives and some correspondences for the energy of Sundays are light, leadership and success, warmth, personal growth, anything that would be used for achieving some personal goals. Some ideas for magickal work on Sundays could be for sticking to a goal you set for yourself, seeking a promotion at work, healing, or seeking recognition for a job well done.  The planetary symbol for Sunday is: http://www.sorcerers-apprentice.co.uk/sunplanetsign1.gif

The metal associated with Sunday is gold and some color associations are: gold, yellow, bright shades of orange, yellow-orange, amber and bright pink.

Saturday Correspondences: Week 1

Today I'm starting my "correspondences" series with the last day of the week. Sorry this is going up so late, I hurt my neck Saturday morning and let me tell you, trying to type and read when you can only hold your head at roughly a 90 degree angle, leaned over your right shoulder, is not easy lol. Anyway...

Real shocker, Saturday was named for the planet and God Saturn. Saturn (God) is the Roman God of agriculture and farming,  sowing seeds and the like, basically. He ruled over what was known as the "Golden Age" of peace, abundance, good stuff. (Yes, I know I'm skimming over a lot and not giving a full bio on Saturn, but He's not the main subject of this post.) He was also dubbed "Father Time," and his Greek equivalent is considered to be the Titan Kronos.

So, we've already covered two correspondences for Saturday: Saturn the God and Saturn the planet. The planetary symbol for Saturn/Saturday is: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/46/Saturn_symbol.png

Saturdays are a good time for ridding negativity from your life (whether it be getting rid of debts, breaking bad habits, bindings, or anything else), protection magick, and tying up loose ends. Saturday is the last day of the week, so it's a good time for ending things. In Ellen Dugan's Book of Witchery, she described Saturdays as a "magickal 'let's clean house' day," and I think that captures the theme beautifully.

As a side note, Ellen  also assigned Hekate to Saturday as one of the Deities. Having worked with Hekate as my "Matron Goddess," for lack of a better term, for several years, I have to agree that Saturdays definitely suit Her best. I won't go into more details about Deities here because this entry would be far too long, but one of the upcoming Saturdays will be devoted to a better "bio" of Saturn and Hekate (and any other Deities I think would suit Saturday magick).

For the final correspondences this week for Saturday, I'll go with colors. Now, I personally feel that it's better to decide for yourself what colors are good for what purposes and the like, but if you're having trouble and need inspiration, looking at correspondences assigned by others can help you get started.

The colors associated with Saturday are darker colors, such as: black, deep purple, brown, blue, gray, and indigo.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to Basics

There's a reason for the Wiccan "Year and a Day" schedule of learning. It's not that you can learn everything in one year and one day, but it's a set time frame of study to help those who follow it ease into things and make sure that they really know the basics before moving on.

I've ranted to friends before about there being so many Wicca/Witchcraft 101 books, and how boring it is to constantly read the description of an athame, or the purpose of circle casting, etc. But there's a hell of a lot more to the basics than just knowing what tools are used for what purpose (some of us don't even really use tools). I've been re-reading Book of Witchery by Ellen Dugan (see my Books page for link and info, and other books) and I have to agree with something I was reading last night. Too many of us don't really take the time to learn basic correspondences, to have them stored away in our memory instead of constantly flipping through books looking for them. I don't think that for every Witch it's necessary to know all the basic correspondences, but it's definitely handy to at least know by heart the ones you will use frequently.

Daily correspondences goes beyond just planets and the best spells to work each day. There are stones, metals, flowers, plants, Deities, tarot cards and more. I've been guilty of not really memorizing correspondences myself and I could definitely stand to know more by heart. So, for the next few weeks I think I'm going to do daily posts about correspondences. Maybe 2-3 a day or so. I'll still be doing blogs as well, but I think this is something important that isn't stressed enough in some 101 books. Sure, the info is there, but isn't it easier to know, without flipping through a book, some basic correspondences you might  need for a spell? I think so, so this "Correspondences" segment is for me as well as for you.

The Witch's Circle: Commitment

This is a response to the first discussion for "The Witch's Circle" from the blog The Deepest Well (<click to visit).

I found Paganism at a very young age. I had been raised in a strict, Christian home and taught that there were NO other religions, period. I lived in a very rural area with more churches than you could count and no diversity. When I was 8, I moved and from my new school I met a girl who would become my best friend and whose family would introduce me to Paganism (specifically Wicca and Witchcraft).

Granted, at that age I couldn't FULLY grasp every detail of the new religion I felt so drawn to, but I feel that I got the gist of it. Not to make myself seem arrogant or anything, but by 5th grade I was reading and comprehending what I read on a college level. I understood more than enough to know that I had found something wonderful, something that really and truly felt "right" for me. Looking back, I'm not sure if it's really accurate to say that my interest  in Paganism began with Wicca. I was always drawn to the Greek Gods and Goddesses, and to this day I still am. But, I suppose my "formal" introduction came through my Wiccan friend and her mother.

I continued to study Wicca for several years, even after moving back in with the Christian family members who had raised me for those first 8 years. In my early teen years, I experienced a lot of internal conflict between wanting to be the person my family wanted me to be and wanting to follow my heart. Thus began my experimentation with forging my own path. I believed in the ancient Gods and Goddesses, but I also believed in the Christian God, Mary, etc. I didn't believe that either was superior to the other, though. I felt that they all had their place and that no path was the "one and only path." Because of this internal conflict and various other factors, I experimented with Christian Witchcraft. Anyone who likes can feel free to disagree with me on this and say whatever you like, but this is MY personal belief which stems from nearly a decade (at that point in my life) of studying different things. Based on what I had learned about the Bible and translations, changes, etc., I believed (and still believe) that it is more than possible to be a Christian AND a Witch. Christian Wiccan, not so much. I believe that you can be Wiccan with a Christian influence, but I'm not sure how I feel about blending two religions. I also need to point out that I do not view Witchcraft as a religion. I view it as a practice/craft/way of life which can be blended into any religion, or lack of religion.

Moving on...

Obviously Christian Witchcraft didn't work out for me. I tried it, it didn't feel wrong, but it didn't feel perfect, either. So, we fast forward to me at 17/18. I was a recent high school graduate, new college student, and about to become a newlywed. I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel and something clicked inside me. I knew what was right for me and I began my journey down the path of a Pagan Witch once more. I studied for almost 2 years, and then when I was 19 (or nearly 19) I formally dedicated myself to my Path and only my Path. I started off with Wicca, following what I knew and felt comfortable with, but after a few months I realized it was too narrow for me. I then considered myself "Eclectic" and took bits from here and there and began to really make my own path.

Within Paganism, I don't think it's appropriate to ever say that you must choose between two things, or that you have to give up something to commit to something else. To me, that's like saying that you have to give up print books when you receive an eReader. No one, in my opinion, can tell someone else what they can and can not believe and do with their own life.

But, I do believe that if you're going to consider yourself a Pagan (or anything else) you do need to commit to it. Whether it's Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, or any other path (including one you create), you need to fully believe in it and feel that it's right for you. Religion is not an article of clothing that you can take off and put back on whenever you like, it's serious and should be treated thus (in my opinion). If you believe that a certain religion and Witchcraft can not co-exist, then it's illogical to consider yourself a Witch of that religion.

So I suppose it comes down to this: I gave up my former religion formally (at least to me). I came from a Christian family and it didn't feel right for me, so I found something that did feel right. I wasn't searching, I didn't know TO search. In a way I suppose it found me. I've studied various religions since learning about Paganism, and I feel confident saying that my path is the right path. For me. However, I have a close friend that I've known for half my life who is a Christian and a Witch. That's a whole other story and I think I have a blog post about it somewhere on here. I think that when you come from one religious background, and then discover a new path later in life, you don't have to abandon everything, but you can. Or, you can use morals or anything else that feels right to you within the path you choose.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

If you ask for my advice, I'm going to give it to you

I've had people ask me for advice that's related to something Pagan or Witchy and then turn around and go off on me because I wasn't quoting a Wicca 101 book to them. Really? You just picked up a copy of a Cunningham book for the first time a week ago and you think you already have your own path forged and know EVERYTHING? I know that time and experience are two totally different things. You can hold Pagan beliefs for your entire life and still not know as much as someone who has experienced more. But really? Someone asks for my help with something they've never encountered before, but I have, and then they say that I'm doing it wrong? I don't care if someone likes my advice, or takes it and uses it, etc., but if you ASK ME to HELP YOU and then get mad because I'm not pulling stuff out of a book, that's ridiculous in my opinion. 

This goes back to books vs. experience. You can read 500 Pagan/Witchy books but it doesn't compare to actual experience. Why do I think I know this? Because I read about 50 books or more over the course of almost 10 years before I experienced much of anything. I didn't read one book, or one blog, etc. and decide I was a Witch and I was ready to start casting spells left and right. I did a few small rituals during that time, but not much more. When I finally DID trust myself to be ready for spells, they worked and I felt confident. After casting spells and doing all sorts of other "Witchy" stuff for a few years, I felt that I had learned 10 times more than what I learned from reading books.

So if you think you're ready to deal with everything after reading one book, more power to you, but I personally don't feel that it's enough to learn all you need to know. So if you come to me for advice and I say try "this" or "that," and you haven't read it in your one Pagan/Wiccan/Witchcraft book, that's probably because I've tried several different methods and found a way that works for ME and that's what I'm recommending. That doesn't mean I'm wrong, it just means that I've been doing this for a while and I've created my own methods. I suggest you do the same thing. Books are wonderful, but from my personal experience and what I've heard from other Pagans and Witches, things that other people have written are less likely to work as well for you as something you created yourself. You don't have to do it my way, you don't have to do it the way a book tells you (or anyone else). But I encourage everyone to try different things to find what works for them.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Witch, NOT Wiccan

I want to start by saying that I have NOTHING against Wicca or Wiccans, before someone jumps on the title of this post and thinks I'm bashing Wicca/Wiccans. I'm NOT!

Wicca is one "branch" of Paganism. If you don't know what Wicca is, there are countless resources to learn about it, this isn't a post to tell you what Wicca is (actually I think I did a post similar to that a while back). Within Wicca, there are certain beliefs that are held by most practitioners, just like within Christianity or any other "formal" religion. Sure there are Eclectics, Gardnerians, Alexandrians, Seax, Dianics, and tons of other forms of Wicca, but that's not the point. One key belief in Wicca is from the Rede, "An it harm none, do what ye will," (which depending on where you read the Rede may vary in the exact wording). Now I'm all for not doing harm to others intentionally, for no good reason. I'm not going to sit down and think up curses/hexes/etc. for every person I've ever disliked or something. However, I am NOT a Wiccan. I believe that there are situations where "bringing in the big guns" is necessary and that you could and should do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family.

I do believe in karma, but I think that karma is unbiased, just, etc. I don't think that if someone is trying to pin me down and hurt me and I kick the shit out of them, that sometime down the line I'm going to have a karmic bitchslap for defending myself.Likewise, I don't think that putting forth any protective measures necessary to ensure my safety and well-being, as well as that of my family, is going to lead to me suffering. If someone tried to hurt my family, or me, or anyone else I care deeply for, they're going to regret it. I am not afraid to hex or curse if I've tried other things with no luck. I am a Witch, I do not follow the "rules" of the Wiccan religion. I follow my own moral compass with things. I'm not saying that if someone called my daughter a name that I would curse them. Sure that might be emotionally difficult for her, but more than likely I would just do something to help her not be hurt when people do things like that. Now, if someone started stalking her I would go to more drastic measures. I would never START with a hex or curse, but if it came to that, I wouldn't hesitate (except to make sure that was what I wanted to do, and prepare). I'm willing to deal with any repercussions for my actions.

This is another thing I've been attacked for in the past. I really don't care, you do your thing and I'll do mine. But it's usually people assuming (there's that word again) that all Witches are Wiccan, all Pagans are Witches and Wiccans, etc. We're not! And we don't ALL share the same beliefs about things. If you think curses and hexes and the like are wrong, great! Don't do them! If you don't think they're wrong, that's great, too! Follow YOUR heart and YOUR intuition, not what others say or do.

Paganism, Witchcraft, and the Paranormal

Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm being a bit overly critical of people, but it bugs me when people automatically assume that ALL Pagans and Witches can sense ghosts, are interested in ghost hunting, know how to deal with them, etc. Sure, maybe a lot of us do (hell, maybe even most), but not all. How do I know this? Because I've had other Pagans and Witches come to me for advice on the matter. Just because you're Pagan or a Witch doesn't mean you suddenly develop an extra sense. Everyone has it, in my opinion, it's just that some people (Pagan, Witch, or other) use it more often than other people.

It's stereotypes like that that bug me. To me, it's right up there with assuming that all Pagans or Witches know how to do anything else, or that we all practice the same way. We're all different, just like everyone else lol. Some of us believe curses/hexes/etc. are strictly off limits, some of us don't. Some of us can sense a presence more acutely than others, some of us can't.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soooo.... Uuuhhh...

My brain is kind of off tonight and I couldn't think of a snazzy title ;-) Basically this is just a random post of things I've been thinking about over the past few days while pouring over ideas for my blog and Youtube channel. Here's what I've come up with...

I think that instead of pressuring myself to ALWAYS do my best to blog only about Pagan/Witchy related things, I'm just going to write posts when an idea strikes me for something I want to talk about. Anyone have a problem with that? (See end of post for other questions posed to you, the reader!)

With that earth shattering announcement out of the way (lol), I'll move on to some other things.

If anyone is on Pottermore's beta site, or planning to join Pottermore when registration opens to everyone, I'm in Ravenclaw and my screen name is EyeNight165, so feel free to add me on there! I'm a total Potterhead, as I think I've already mentioned lol.

For those who have seen my BOS and liked it, Mystic Moon Media (the shop I bought it from on Etsy) is currently having a huge clearance sale on those large journal/BOS books that she makes, so check out her site if you're interested.

I ordered a Ravenclaw quill the other day and I can't wait to get it. I'm going to post pictures when it comes.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that my husband's insurance paperwork was processed in time for me to be covered because I really need to see a doctor soon about an issue that has come up. Hopefully it's nothing, but given family history and the like, it might not be nothing.

I had an idea for an Etsy shop (or something similar) a few days ago, and I'm thinking about eventually trying to put it together if I ever get motivated to work on some stuff for it. If I decide it isn't a totally pointless idea, I'll post updates eventually.

As for my Pagan/Witchy themed posts, I'm considering adding things like my personal beliefs about some things (magick, spells, deities, reincarnation, karma, Sabbats, etc.). Is anyone interested in that? How about things dealing with home making and the like? We have a household binder that I created, so I could do a post about creating your own, as well as things like cleaners for the home (and empowering them for a magickal purpose), crystal and stone usages and where they can be placed in your home for certain purposes, I'm considering writing a few short children's Pagan/Witchy stories and links to useful Pagan family sites, and more. What do you think? Any other suggestions for things you'd like to see? Anything you DON'T want to see posts about?

Until next time, I hope you're all well and blessed greatly!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harry Potter and other Fantasy Rant

Hey guys, first of all please keep me in your thoughts or light a candle or send good vibes or  something. I just got some scary news, but I'm not sure about everything yet so I'll update when I know more. Right now it's nothing to be super worried about, but it could easily turn to something bad.

With that out of the way...

I am sick of other Pagans and Witches having a "holier than thou," "I'm right, you're wrong," "It's my way or no way," kind of attitude. Yes, I am a total "Potterhead" an I LOVE fantasy! That, however, does NOT make me less of a Pagan or a Witch! Tastes in literature, movies, or any other form of entertainment do not necessarily influence someone's spirituality or anything else. Not being able to distinguish between fantasy/fiction and reality is when you have a problem. I was already on the Pagan path when I first read the Harry Potter books. I knew what was real and what wasn't. Harry Potter is entertainment, it isn't real. Does that mean that I should NEVER read or watch something that I enjoy simply because it doesn't paint a realistic picture of Witchcraft?

I think it's sad that so many of us take more criticism from other Pagans and Witches than from any other group of people.By all means stick to your beliefs and do what makes YOU happy, but leave everyone else alone and let them do the same!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I've hit a wall

First I want to apologize for being MIA for so long. It's been a bad time for us, between things going wrong nearly every day, internet going out on and off for a few weeks, we've all been sick a few times, etc. 

Besides all of that, I've also hit a sort of "wall" as far as ideas for blog posts goes. I feel like there are many things I want to say, but it's just not coming to me right now. That being said, please comment if you would like to see a blog post about something, anything. I'm serious about that lol, I'll take any suggestions right now because I think having one idea might get my "creative juices" flowing again. I had an idea a while back to do a post about simple altars, featuring a lady I know from CafeMom because I fell in LOVE with her simple, yet elegant, altar. I will probably do that soon, but I'm looking for new topics as well, so let me know if you're interested in my thoughts about things, or how I do something, etc.

Hopefully something will come to me soon, but please leave any ideas, don't  be shy!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey guys, just a quick update and stuff

Some of you may know that we're having our bathroom remodeled, basically. It's been crazy here waiting and planning, etc. Anyway, I should be back to regular blogging this week. Please feel free to critique posts, send me comments, suggestions, etc.! I WANT to know what you think :) Also, please come check out my profile on Cheap Sally for the Bringing Home the Bacon contest! This contest, even without the potential money, would be like a dream come true for me, so please come vote for me! You can vote once a day for each person you vote for, and voting begins September 1st at midnight (just a few hours away!). I'll be back soon with new blogs! I have ideas, so I should have a few posted by the weekend.

Also, let me know if anyone is interested in the book review/writing blog, or a blog about the home and stuff (like homemade cleaners, cloth diapers and mama cloth, as well as how-tos for that, recipes, making a home binder, organization, etc.).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Starting your own book

Some people say that you should wait before you start your book (whatever you decide to call it, BOS, Grimoire, etc.), but I disagree. So, this is basically a mix how I went about things and how I would recommend it be done for others.

Find a notebook or journal of some sort. Don't drop $100 on your first book, save your money for something else. Just buy a couple of composition book, spiral notebooks, a 3-ring binder, a journal, whatever. Decorate it if you want to, with whatever feels right for you, whether that be nature images, symbols, deities, etc. This is YOU book, do what you like with it. I personally had (and still maintain) two separate books.
I use one for recording things like my personal thoughts, tarot and rune readings, rough drafts of things, ritual and spell records, etc., and the other for correspondences, finished spells that were successful, my beliefs, etc. If you want to do things that way as well, that's fine, but many people also just keep it all in one book.

What I suggest doing, right now, is writing down exactly what you believe. I think I mentioned this in the past either on here or in a video... Write down how you see the God and Goddess, your thoughts about karma, death, the after life, morals for spells, etc. Anything you can think of that would be considered you belief about your spiritual path. I would also suggest writing down WHY you've decided to study Witchcraft and (if it applies) Paganism. I do this about twice a year still and I would recommend you do the same. It helps you see where you were and where you are now, as well as help you figure out what beliefs are probably here to stay. For a while, you may read things in a book and think, “Oh that makes sense!” and you start to believe it as well, so you write it down. But, two years later that belief may be different after you've formed your own opinion. Some people may totally know exactly what they believe right off, and very little if anything may change throughout their life. However, I think that most people undergo too many changes in life to not see a few things changes.

When you've written down your beliefs, it's wide open. Research all you can. Take notes, and when you find something that you think is important, copy it into your book. I would recommend having things such as: Correspondences of things like the elements, days of the week, moon phases, sun signs, moon signs, herbs and stones (if you'll be using them, and I suggest meditating with your stones to see what they're useful for for you, instead of just copying from a book), colors (if you want, though I suggest making up your own based on what you feel represents what); Sabbats if you observe them; Deities you've worked with or want to work with; successful spells; rituals; how to cast a Circle; calling quarters; information about any divination tools you use (such as tarot cards that are most meaningful to you or all of them, how your pendulum moves for answers, tarot spreads, runes, palmistry guides, etc.); information about the elements (particularly your own impressions), etc. Basically, anything that is useful to you for your practice. These are just suggestions to get you started. I personally have a page about the Circle, and rituals, and calling quarters, but I only use them every now and then and I've considered removing them. I also have a new section for DIY things such as cleaning products because I tend to weave in spells with my cleaning. And I have a recipe tab, for things I make around Sabbats and Esbats...

Do not try to cram a lifetime of information into a few weeks of study. It won't happen. Take your time learning as well as adding to your book. You have your whole life to finish it, if you remain on this path. I fully understand the desire to put as much information as possible into your book as quickly as possible, but it really isn't necessary. This isn't a race, it's a learning experience that takes a long time.

As for fancy, expensive books... I suggest taking your time with that, as well. Many of you may know that I received one as a Mother's Day gift from my husband this year. I still haven't written in it, but that's mostly because I do not have ink or a dip pen to practice writing with. I'm in no hurry, though, my current 3-ring binder is expanding all the time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guilt Free Brownies

I just did a video about this as well, so don't forget to checkout my YouTube channel. I don't update it as often as I do my blog, but I'm working on that. Also, before I get into this blog topic, send me suggestions for things you'd like to see!

Ok, so...no brownie is truly "guilt free," is it? I mean, it's a chocolatey fattening dieter's nightmare! WRONG! You want to enjoy truly guilt free food? Here's how: Love yourself. Be your own best friend. Stop treating food like it's a rewards and punishment system. 

You are NOT going to gain 20lb overnight if you eat a brownie, or a hot dog, or a funnel cake, or McDonald's, etc. Sure, it isn't healthy, but you need to stop treating your body like it's being bad for craving things and listen to it from time to time. Would you tell your best friend s/he was going to get fat and that s/he is disgusting and needs to work out an extra two hours to burn off eating a candy bar? Yes? Well, seek therapy or something. No? Good, now apply that line of thinking to YOURSELF. 

You need to stop thinking, "I've been good,  so I'll take one bite of cake...just one, if I eat more I'm being bad..." and things like that. It isn't healthy in any way. If you're denying yourself things and thinking negatively about it ("I'm bad if I eat that," "I'm going to get fat," etc.) it isn't good for your self image and the like, which can have negative effects on other areas of your life. But, if you can give up all the unhealthy foods in the world and never look back, never miss them, etc., that's great for you! Many of us can not, though. And that's ok. It isn't great, but so long as you aren't spending every moment on the couch stuffing your face with soda, cake, chips, brownies, hot dogs, fast food, etc., it's not THAT big of a deal. If you're eating a fairly well balanced diet regularly and being somewhat active or more active, you'll be just fine if you eat that piece of fudge that's calling your name, or get yourself some cotton candy at the fair. Just don't eat it 24/7 because that's what makes it really bad.

So, enjoy your junk food every now and then and be happy about it! I'm sure some healthy food fanatics would criticize this, but I really don't care. I eat well, but I also allow myself to have cravings and indulge now and then. I've struggled with eating disorders in the past and I know from personal experience that it's no way to live. So if you want a really "guilt free" food, learn to love yourself and be happy. Know that you aren't going to gain a ton of weight by letting yourself have something unhealthy now and then.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Invoking Deities & How I View Gods and Goddesses

Please forgive me if I've done a similar post in the past, but the way I think to explain how I view things tends to change from day to day, so this will probably still be a little different lol.

First, I want to briefly explain how I view the Gods and Goddesses out there. If you ever watched HollyDaisyRose's YouTube channel (Sam now has a new channel, but I forgot what it is...Witchontherocks, maybe?), my beliefs are similar to hers. I believe that the divine spring from one source, THE Source, a supreme God, the energy of the Universe... Whatever you want to call that. 

I believe that they were created by humans calling on certain aspects and naming those aspects (Aphrodite, Isis, Ishtar, Hekate, Hades, Zeus, Pan, etc.) of The Source. I believe that because of human emotions and needs and all those things, these aspects of The Source were given faces, names, histories, etc. and eventually, because of humans believing in them so strongly, sort of came into being. Basically, humans created them, is what I believe. You know how hypochondriacs think they're sick so strongly that they become sick? Or how some people are convinced so thoroughly that they're being haunted that they manifest a poltergeist or whatever you want to call it? I think that individual deities came into being in a similar way.

Now, I'm not saying that they are NOT real, because I believe they are. I'm just saying that I think they are facets of The Source, but not separate from It. I believe they can take a form in visions or something and reveal themselves to humans in a way that is most appropriate for each individual, so everyone will see each aspect of Deity/Divinity/The Source differently, but they will be similar because of the aspects they represent. I hope that makes sense...

Now, as far as invoking Deities is concerned, you probably realize by now that I don't do things the way many books suggest. I've tried it, it didn't work for me. I personally just find that praying/talking/calling out to the particular Deity you're asking assistance from is sufficient, at least for me. I don't do anything elaborate, I simply meditate and clear my head of everything else and focus solely on the Deity I need, letting an image form in my mind, or hearing them respond, whatever comes naturally. I tend to "fly by the seat of my pants" during rituals and the like. I think that the energy from The Source is present everywhere, including within each of us, and that once you have realized that, felt a connection, etc., it's easier to connect with The Source through a certain aspect, without much or any formality. 

When first starting out, I do think that the formality of going through planning and executing a ritual (or 50 haha) or spell, etc. can be beneficial. It helps keep you focused on the task at hand and helps to break down any barriers that your conscious might have up that would prevent you from achieving your goal for the occasion. If that's what feels right for you, then by all means continue! I do believe that it's equally helpful to try different things, though. Even if you don't actually adopt a certain practice, sometimes it might spark your creativity and give you an idea to try.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spells and the like for the home

I asked in one of my groups on another site if anyone else keeps things like cleaning recipes in their BOS (or whatever they call their Book) because I'm working on adding some to mine (laundry detergent and the like) and so far everyone has either responded that they only keep certain things in their BOS, or they keep things like that separate from their BOS, but do keep it in some sort of similar book. For me personally, I think they're important for my practice, and therefore belong in my  BOS. I tend to weave spells into my cleaning, and empower my cleansers like I would a candle, oil, etc. for regular spells. 

I personally think it's a great way to work spells for the home, but everyone believes and practices differently. I tend to focus a lot more energy on my home than spells for anything else, and for me, this is a simple way to do that.

If you make your own cleaners, and you're a Witch, try empowering your next batch of cleaners, adding a little blessing, or something and see how things work for you. Who knows? You may find it useful, but you'll never know until you try.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Be careful what you wish for...

I can not stress enough how important it is to pay attention to exactly what you're saying in your spells, and always remember to focus on your goal as much as possible, visualizing the end result as clearly as you can manage. It's true that your intentions are more important than the actual words, but it doesn't hurt to be careful with your words, as well. Trust me, I know lol. 

I recently did a spell and two days later, all of a sudden it started working and oh boy did it work, much better than I ever thought it would. I was looking for a small boost, just a little help, with accomplishing something, and then all of a sudden I was working on the task my spell had been for with such vigor that I've only slept a few hours in the past 3 or 4 days. Granted I'm an insomniac as it is, but this is a bit unusual even for me, and I've hardly been doing anything except working on the thing my spell was for, day and night. It's crazy, but I'm so happy with the results. I may share that basic spell format since I found it in a book and tweaked it a lot.

Just remember that words DO have power, and you should carefully consider every aspect of your spells before you cast them, because sometimes your results will amaze you by biting you in the ass later when you can't sleep and have to care for a 3 year old lol. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smell the Roses

Make the time to go outside. If there's a stream, river, lake, ocean, any body of water near your home, take a walk by it. Take a few moments to feel the wind on your face, the earth in your hands and under your feet, feel the calming lull of the water, and the life giving heat from the sun. Meditate on the elements for a while and see what you discover about how you can incorporate them into your life and magick. Don't overlook the simple things. It's a cliché, but stop and smell the roses now and then. Mother Nature has a lot to teach us and offer us, if we'll only make the time to listen and receive. If you want to be a Witch, you need to familiarize yourself with the elements and how their different energies feel to you.

You can learn about these things from books, but it's more important to experience them yourself, because you can't learn everything from a book. Eventually you have to do something.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Devil & Freddy Krueger

Ok, I'm showing my uber love of Wes Craven and Robert Englund with this, but that's ok I guess lol. Sorry if this doesn't make perfect sense. I'm trying to get it typed out before I totally lose these thoughts. I'll try to answer any questions, though. I know I'm not a Christian, and I doubt I have any Christian followers, but if any happen across this blog post, I mean no offense.  This is just a thought that I had and nothing more, not intended to undermine anyone's beliefs, so I apologize in advance if it does cause any offense to anyone. It was not intended.

I was thinking about a few things when I was reading a book the other day, and this idea popped into my head after my thoughts began to wander. I started thinking about the whole "good vs. evil," "God vs. The Devil," thing and how we're moving out of the Piscean Age and into the Aquarian Age (or we're already in the Aquarian Age, but some Piscean ideas are still around, etc.) and what that means based on some things I've read, and a whole host of other things. One idea about the Aquarian Age is that the concept of "The Devil" may nearly cease to exist at some point, since it was a concept created during the Piscean Age and it will no longer be useful in the Aquarian Age.

Everyday I can see more examples of how this is proving to be true. A lot of people I encounter are thinking of "The Devil" in a more metaphorical sense, and less in a literal sense. That made me think about Freddy Krueger. Once the children stopped believing in him, he lost power and eventually ended up using Jason to gain back some of that power, blah blah blah. That's not the point, though, the point was that he LOST his power when people STOPPED believing in him.

I feel that believing in something gives it power. A teacher (Pagan teacher, that is) of mine once said that you can make a deity out of anything. If you believe strongly enough that your doorknob is a deity, it becomes your God. I believe that to be true. I think that deities were created by humans for their needs, such as fertility. Eventually they took on names and people just began to call on those names for what they needed. When a huge group of people begin to believe in something, it gains power and practically becomes  a living being.

Take hauntings, for example. If a family is being plagued by a spirit or residual energy in their home and they begin to believe in it, fear it, etc., it gains strength and sometimes the activity increases. I feel that something similar happened with the concept of The Devil. I won't go into all the history and all that, you can read about it in countless sources, and there are several versions to the story of how the Devil came to be.

My point for all of this rambling is that I believe things like "evil," and "The Devil" have gained power because of humanity's strong belief in them, but over time, if that belief decreases or ceases to exist, then those things will have a fate similar to that of Fred Krueger: Loss of power. If people stop dwelling on the bad things in the world, and focus on the positive, on helping others, etc., I believe that those bad things will slowly begin to dissolve and fade away. Many people don't believe that world peace is possible, but I think that someday it will be. That is basically the point of all this.

I apologize for rambling so much, but it's very hard for me to properly organize my thoughts right now. The temperature here has been unbearable and our house didn't get below the mid 80s all day. That makes it hard for me to think clearly.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My reasons for some things

Hopefully this will be fairly brief and to the point lol. I know it's been about a week since I did a blog, and I feel like doing one now, before I try to get a little sleep.

First, I want to talk about spells. You will probably rarely, if ever, find any of my personal spells on this blog. I may give suggestions, but never a complete spell. I don't give out spells, unless it's something that I got elsewhere...which means there's only one that I would give out, and you can find it  countless other places. The ONLY spell I've ever used that was not originally mine is the New Moon Abundance Check spell. Someone from another website suggested it for me a  long time ago and I had great success with it. Since then, I've encountered it in many places, even one or two YouTube channels. Even with it, I tweaked some things a little bit. 

I don't like using spells that were written by other people. I don't feel any connection to them and I just have no desire to use them. I don't give them out because, A. I find it to be far too easy for people to acquire spells that they may not  even be ready for as it is so I do not wish to contribute, B. because I think it's important  to figure out how to write your own spells if you're going to practice Witchcraft, and C. I just don't want to share them. Call me selfish or whatever, I don't care. They are MY spells and I can decide whether or not I wish to distribute them. For some people, that's fine with them, but for me, I'm just not  ok with it (at least for now).

I've already explained why I keep things fairly casual with my rituals and whatnot, so I'll move on to Sabbat and Esbat celebrations. I don't celebrate them all. I might celebrate half of each during a good year. That's partially due to no planning well, but mostly it's because I've celebrated them all in the past, and now I just break out a ritual or something for the times I feel connected to, which are generally during fall and winter.  I celebrate Esbats more frequently, I suppose, but I celebrate the Full and DARK moons, instead of Full and New. Some argue they're the same things, but I personally feel that there are several different energies throughout the month, and I feel a difference between the times that the moon is invisible and becomes visible once more. Also, it seems like every time I plan something, something comes up to interfere (a cold, a wedding, etc.). I still recognize the  Sabbats and Esbats and try to meditate on those days about the theme and whatnot, but I only do something "special" if I feel called to do so.

I don't do spells very often. Or at least not "formal" spells, where I sit down and right it out, etc. Honestly, it probably couldn't hurt at all for me to do them more often, but I'm a bit stubborn and try to do everything by exclusively mundane ways (which doesn't always work out). I really don't know why I don't try using spells to help things along more often. Maybe it's partially because there  are so many young "newbies" out there who are just interested in spell work, and I don't want to feel like I'm being that way, or maybe it's a combination of a hundred reasons. Whatever it is, I still believe that magick should be used only when it's necessary. It isn't a toy.

I wear my pentacle every single day. I don't wear it to display my beliefs or anything, I wear it because I'm used to wearing it (like my wedding  band, which I wear less often than my pentacle necklace, but that's a long story) and because it reminds me of who I am, where I've been, and where I'm going. My necklace has  the phases of the moon, and in a way I feel it's also a sort of metaphor for life and the cycles we go through.

As always, suggestions are always welcome, as are comments.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Natural Witches

I hear this term a lot... Mostly I hear it from newbies and super young teens who still believe that the Craft is like, well, the movie The Craft. I never called myself a "natural Witch," but the first Witch I met did, then the next, then the next, and so on. I have NO idea why, to this day. I've asked and they've all just told me it was a feeling or something. Now, here's MY take on natural Witches, after a brief apology lol.  Sorry this is jumbled a little, I feel like total crap, but I wanted to get a new blog up.

I believe that natural Witches are no different from any other Witches for the most part. I think the only thing that sets them apart is a natural ability to put into practice the things that you learn about Witchcraft, such as energy manipulation. I also believe that EVERYONE can do most of these things. I think it just comes more naturally to natural Witches. You know how some people pick up playing an instrument like it's second nature to them, from the very beginning, while some other people struggle for years to get the basics down? Or how some people are really great at math without really trying? I think that being a "natural" Witch is similar to that. You just have a slight natural advantage in some areas. It doesn't mean that they ("natural" Witches) don't have to work to learn things, it just means that when putting things into practice it's a bit easier for them sometimes. 

I think I have been called a "natural" Witch because some things came so easily to me, such as Circle casting, manipulating energy and figuring out my own way of doing things for spells and the like. It doesn't mean I'm some sort of super Witch, I just got lucky in my opinion. Maybe it's just because I was exposed to the Craft at such a young age, who knows?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm Not Into Formality...

A post I read on another website made me think about this. Someone had asked a group how they invoke/call upon Hekate/Hecate in their rituals and the like, and since I work with Her, it caught my eye. I was reading through and it was the same stuff I usually see about invoking and the like from books. Nothing exact, that I could tell, but the same setup: set up your altar, call quarter, say this long invoking chant, etc. I don't do that. I never really have. I mean, I tried it for a while when I was fist beginning, but I found it way too formal and distracting, more than anything. Eventually, I passed the point of thinking I was doing something "wrong" by doing things my way and I experimented, which led me to what I find most useful for my personal practices.

I don't use a chant or formal anything. I talk to the Deity I wish to communicate with and work with. And I don't just do it during a ritual or spell work, I do it nearly daily. I firmly believe that to successfully work with a Deity, you need to have a relationship with them and know their energy and the like. You can't just flip through a list of Deities and say, "I'm going to work with Zeus today!" without knowing anything about Him, how He works, His energy, what He finds acceptable, etc. If I wish to  speak with Hekate, or work with Her energy, I simply start speaking to Her and ask Her if she would join/help me. I carry on a conversation with Her, discussing my spiritual life, how I see Her, asking Her to reveal things to me if She deems it appropriate, etc. I talk to Her like I would talk to a close friend. I don't cower at Her feet, I don't grovel, I don't command, I  simply speak with Her.

I have found this method to work best for me, but I acknowledge that others have the greatest success with more formality. That's fine, too! Whatever works for you is what matters. I do suggest that you take time and experiment with different methods, to find what truly feels best. You may originally think that the way you're doing things is the right way for you, and later discover a  way that's even more rewarding. You'll never know until you try.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's in your freaking head!

I have lost count of the number of questions I've seen recently saying things like, "What is the cure for an illness caused by witchcraft?" or "So-and-so put a curse on me! How do I break it!?"

First of all, if you're like 12 years old, it's HIGHLY unlikely that anyone cursed your ass! THAT level of skill (being able to not only perform a curse, but have it work correctly and LAST, etc.) takes a LOT of time to master. Your 13 year old "BFF" didn't curse you, even if s/he said so. More than likely, the people who would have the skills to do it aren't going to care enough about you to curse you, or they're going to care more about their own karma to not do it, no matter how irritating you may be. 

If you think you're getting sick, you'll get sick. Hypochondriacs do it all the time. The same is true for curses and all that crap. If you BELIEVE you were cursed, you're going to start experiencing "symptoms" of that curse, but it isn't because you WERE cursed. The power of suggestion is a powerful thing. 

I could have waved my arms at some of the people in my school back in high school and then pointed at them and shouted, "I CURSE YOU!" and then when they tripped trying to run away, they would have believed it was part of their "curse" and would have started experiencing other "symptoms." It wouldn't be because they were actually cursed, though, it would be because they believed they were and began to manifest those thoughts. 

This is sort of tied in with the whole positive affirmations thing. If you believe something is true, it becomes true.The human mind is very powerful and capable of a lot more than people give it credit for.