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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tools are not necessities

Whether you are just starting out, or whether you've been on this path for years, you don't need all the pretty, shiny tools. Your tools do not contain magick, they only help direct the energy you're sending out and manipulating. Some people even find them distracting and forgo using them altogether. I personally love my cauldron and my working candle (new addition to my collection, I might post a blog about that). Apart from those two things, I rarely use the tools I have. I have two athames (one tiny one, one pretty large one), a cauldron, a bunch of candles, some incense, some herbs, a couple of oils, a pentacle my husband made me, and a few other things. I'll post some pictures of my altars soon, once I take some new ones.

Sorry, I digress (sleep deprivation lol). The point is, if YOU feel better when you use tools, by all means use them! But, if you find yourself losing concentration and fumbling along when you use tools, take a break. It could be that you're just more comfortable without them, or you might just not have the exact tool for you.

One lesson that I've learned is that you should not get a tool simply because you like it and/or think it's pretty or MIGHT come in handy. Wait until you find tools that practically scream for you to get them and use them. If you just buy something because you think it's pretty or whatever, it's probably not going to get used as often as you may think. But if you wait until you find something that you feel an instant connection with, you will use it more than you think you will.

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